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    Bryston 14BSST2 vs. McIntosh MC452

    Which would you pick and why? These are the 2 amps under $10k that I'm considering. Thank you for your time. :cool:
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    First Watt or XA series

    I'm trying to decide between the F4 (First Watt) (2 for mono operation) and the XA160.5s. My JBLs (S4700s) are 94db efficient so I take it First Watt will work? So, which sounds better in your opinions? First Watt amps are a lot less money than the Pass Labs XA series, and I'm better to...
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    Any fellow JBL Synthesis owners?

    Hi, I own the S4700s. Great speakers. I wish I could afford the K2s and or Everests, but these will do for now...:cool:

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