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    Connecting sonicTransporter and Rendu

    Yes, that is the main difference between the i7 and i5 being the processing power, but I am not sure if the two vs. one Ethernet connection distinction was a conscious design choice by Andrew for specific reasons, or more happenstance related to the boards or cards he chose to achieve the...
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    Connecting sonicTransporter and Rendu

    Marc, this is exactly how my setup is connected, but I have the i7 sT. The i7 has two Ethernet connections to facilitate such, whereas the i5 you mention has one, so the external switch is necessary to make connection to both the router and the Rendu using an i5. It seems to me it’s like the i7...
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    Munich High End 2019 Show Report 1000+ Pictures!

    Amazing work. Thank you so much for the “visit”!
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    To Roon or not to Roon, that is the question...

    Interesting. I don’t have that issue. Occasionally when looking at other things on my iPad while Roon is playing, then going back to Roon, it will say it lost connection to my server (SGC sonicTransporter i7) and is trying to reconnect. I usually just close Roon and reopen it, after which...
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    Gryphon Colosseum stopped working

    Glad to hear your good news!
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    Based on the question being repeated again today, apparently not. Thank you for posting the links.
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    I will pile on here as another who has been reading all this wonderful feedback about this cable. Why are repeated inquiries as to how/where to buy it NEVER answered in clear fashion, as if this information is the domain of only members of a secret club?
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    Chord Hugo TT2 dac and Hugo M Scaler

    As an existing Prime member, this sounds encouraging!
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    To Roon or not to Roon, that is the question...

    I think Alex is suggesting Marc’s view on this may evolve as he becomes more comfortable with the interface(s) and better understands the possibilities. I would tend to agree, not meaning to speak for Marc, but from my own experience wading into this space.
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    SOtM sNH-10G Network Switches x2 : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup

    I asked this question of the SoTM engineers at AXPONA. They said put longer cable between router and switch; decent quality CAT7 or better, doesn’t need to be stratospherically expensive. Then use the better, shorter cable such as their high quality (~1-1.5m) cable between switch and...
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    Lumin X1 ordered

    My understanding from conversations at AXPONA was that a separate server would still be required IF one wants to run Roon with a Lumin, to function as the Roon Core. Should one instead choose to use the Lumin app for control instead of Roon, perhaps in this case a Lumin becomes standalone answer...
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    Innous Zenith Mk3 and Alma Music

    I am confident that you will enjoy what streaming has to offer, Marc. Also, I forgot to mention the most important thing, I suppose. I used Roon in Chicago, running on Innuos servers and controlled via iPad, to listen on headphones.
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    Innous Zenith Mk3 and Alma Music

    Marc, I believe your understanding is correct, based on conversations with both Alex and Nuno at AXPONA.
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    Alma Music and Audio to debut at AXPONA with exciting new products from Bergmann, LinnenbergG

    When you’re making your judgements based on which systems best portray the subtleties and delicate nuances within “Up On Cripple Creek”, apparently this is the outcome. :rolleyes:
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    Network ethernet switch with a one-box server/streamer/renderer - recommended?

    Thank you for reaching out, Alex. I am in no rush. Have a nice Easter weekend, Randy
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    Network ethernet switch with a one-box server/streamer/renderer - recommended?

    Hi, Alex. I’m Randy, the guy you were speaking with in your room about digital as the show closed and you and Fabio locked the door. I emailed you yesterday, as I’ve been slammed with general “catch up” and contractors at my home since returning from Chicago. I look forward to continuing our...
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    SonicTransporter i5 Review

    SoM, I am not far ahead of you in knowledge of digital and streaming, if at all. This is my first foray into digital sourcing other than spinning a disk. That said, I have had this up and running for six months or so, have all my CDs ripped to FLAC and am enjoying the easy access to both my...
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    SonicTransporter i5 Review

    SoM, The HDPlex was $500 here in US. Honestly I can’t speak to the comparative sound of Signature Rendu SE as I’ve not compared to either micro or Ultra Rendu on my system. I bought it used after seeing it listed FS by original owner, and on third price reduction I could no longer resist, and...
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    SonicTransporter i5 Review

    Hi, spiritofmusic. I would suspect they’ll have more LPS relatively soon. They updated the design recently (past few months) so were out of stock for quite some time. Now that the revised design is out they may be still catching back up with demand. Sorry I don’t have a recommendation for a...
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    SonicTransporter i5 Review

    I use this to power a sonicTransporter i7 and another component, and have been happy with it. Obviously it’s a 200W supply, so as long as the aggregate power requirement of what you want to run is within that spec it seems this would do the job. There is one dedicated 12V output and two...
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    Von Scweikert (AXPONA Saturday Night After Hours Listening Session Hosted By Greg Weaver) Euphoria Room

    It isn’t over yet, but a big thanks to Leif, Damon and Greg for what has been a mind-blowing evening of great music on a phenomenal system. I heard quite a few familiar pieces as I never heard them before. Bravo!
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    My Music Room Is Featured on CNET!

    Cool shots and opportunity, Lee. Thanks for sharing!
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    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | The Coen Brothers | Netflix Trailer

    Who said anything about money? My comment was relative to what another thought, and I agree, would have made the Coen brothers' artistry more effective, and more interesting to watch.
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    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | The Coen Brothers | Netflix Trailer

    I would agree with an earlier poster that if this had been presented as a six-part series, each episode separate from that before and after, the way Netflix often delivers its content, in my opinion it would have been more effective. To each their own...
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    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | The Coen Brothers | Netflix Trailer

    The ability to have been doing something more rewarding
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    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | The Coen Brothers | Netflix Trailer

    This is my second post ever here so maybe my opinion doesn't count for much, but I watched this last night with my wife after reading this thread and seeing the debate about the quality/lack thereof. I am a big fan of other Coen brothers work (Big Lebowski, Burn After Reading to name three...
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    What's going on with the US stock market lately?

    As a newer member here who found this topic on the “What’s New” page and thought I might find some interesting thoughts on the stock market, I just thought I’d say the level of on-topic discussion over the last two pages (as far back as I decided to go) is absolutely pathetic.
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    Amplifier comparisons in Atlanta area

    As Stephen said, this was a rather informal "comparison", where rather than level-matching, etc. we simply switched back and forth between his Phison and my Bryston equipment while listening to a variety of source material. This was my first exposure to Phison, and I was very impressed with how...

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