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  1. Blue58

    UK music sales up £109m in 2018

    Some interesting facts from the UK. CDs becoming a niche market or landfill. Vinyl only up 1.6% But it’s overall album sales that are declining as streaming focuses on tracks. Can we expect artists to avoid album releases and drip feed tracks throughout the year...
  2. Blue58

    Bocchino sablon in da house!

    Hello All, Just dropping some pics of my new Bocchino terminated Sablon Audio cables before I install the four. I opted for the 'half way house' approach, ie. Bocchino IEC only whilst keeping the Oyaide P-004 plugs. This way I can at least afford some of the Bocchino flavour without going...
  3. Blue58

    Itzhak, New documentary film.

    Last night viewed a screening of Itzhak followed by Q&A with the director Alison Chernick. A wonderful, touching documentary of Itzhak Perlman featuring many guest appearances, notably Alan Alda and Martha Argerich. A must see when it airs on PBS(?)...
  4. Blue58

    Isle of Dogs

    Saw the trailer for Isle of Dogs while waiting for that awful Black Panther movie. The animation looks incredible and the script sounds very impressive from the trailer. Wes Anderson meets Studio Ghibli. Y
  5. Blue58

    UK music sales figures 2017

    Makes interesting reading. Vinyl still selling well, albeit the top 10 are mainly legacy titles, but downloads and CDs plummeting. Streaming surging ahead propelled by youngsters if you view the titles and this doesn’t account for YouTube figures...
  6. Blue58

    New Additions

    Just though I'd share a pic of the two new additions to my system. On the left a Denafrips Terminator DAC which is a r2r DAC and I'm running it NOS from the SGM2015 at DSD256. So far it sounds very good but it may have a few quirks that I'm trying to iron out, especially when sending 384K and...
  7. Blue58

    Blue Planet II now in HDR

    Wow! Just watched the latest episode of Blue Planet II, Coasts on BBC iPlayer in HDR and its phenomenal. I'll have to watch it all again now the Beeb are showing it in HDR (different to UHD apparently).
  8. Blue58

    Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

    Lovely, sensitive and well acted movie about the polyamourous relationship of the creator of Wonder Woman. Their characters sexuality was never questioned which allowed their love for each other to shine. Interesting Q&A session with the director Angela Robinson. 8 years in the making, 25 days...
  9. Blue58

    System/Room revamp

    Hello WBF members, My music room had become a bit tired requiring some redecoration and the system had grown over the years into a sprawling giant with tentacles of power cables and such extending left right and centre. The system was initially set up on a large glass table-top supported...
  10. Blue58

    Piece of history, Che Guevara's amp.

    Photographed at The Museum of The Revolution in Havana. Che's amplifier used for broadcasting his messages to the people. Ironically it used all Triad magnetics. Wonderful people and a wonderful city, a photographer's wet dream. Help with rotating them please. Blue58
  11. Blue58

    Auralic new product at Axpona[ATTACH
  12. Blue58

    The Art of Listening

    Worth an hour of your time http://www.theartoflisteningfilm.com Just fast forward 2 mins past the intro credits.
  13. Blue58

    Sablon Audio Reserva Elite USB Cable, Merlin's Magic

    Woah! What's going on with Sablon Audio. Has Mark become Merlin the magician. Why are his cables so impressive and continue to confound all my expectations? I extolled the sound quality of his Reserva (2017) USB cable not two months ago and was so taken aback by the jump in sound quality...
  14. Blue58

    Sablon Audio Reserva experience. Affordable S.O.T.A.

    Many variations of power cords on the market appear to promote their luxury coverings, metallurgic connector prowess or simply promote or celebrate a companies high end profile. I'll resist naming companies that produce cords, and interconnects too, that in my opinion are stratospherically...
  15. Blue58

    Vermeer Audio upgrade for Audio Aero

    Anyone curious to know what the upgrade to DSD for the Audio Aero La Fontaine or La a Source is , with I believe a couple of other improvements to power supply, may be in for a shock. This just received from UK distributor. The cost of the upgrade is about £6000 plus shipping, and it...
  16. Blue58

    UpTone Audio Regen 'amber'

    Thought I'd start a new thread rather than corrupt the GG thread. OK, only two days listening to a specific selection of songs I know very well and bearing in mind I prefer a musical sound rather than analytic sound I'm still coming to terms with what the Regen brings to the party. There...
  17. Blue58

    Golden Gate DAC arrives.

    Well here she is perched atop my AA La Fontaine. I know not the best place but had to hook up asap. As you can see, the latest version has the option for 45 or 2A3 tubes with nary a 101D in sight. EML 45 solid plates and EML 5U4G rectifier as standard but may roll my EML 45 globes from my amps...

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