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  1. Tuckers

    Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

    Robert Harley's article is particularly apologist in that he misrepresents the 3 justifications in his own article. The first two reasons he gives for why MoFi LPs sound better than DSD: that MoFi sources the best master recording, and that they make careful track by track adjustments would...
  2. Tuckers

    What technique do you find most helpful when evaluating kit

    Hey members, I want to warn you that I believe the original OP 2013crosxx is a scammer. This posts text is identical to a post made in 2020. How do you listen to new components? I got a message from him a couple of days ago telling me that he knew someone that was selling the exact combo of...
  3. Tuckers

    Upgrade from the old Nautilus

    Hey members, I want to warn you that I believe the original OP 2013crosxx is a scammer. This posts text is identical to a post made in 2020. B&W N804 Diamond up grade I got a message from him a couple of days ago telling me that he knew someone that was selling the exact combo of stuff I...
  4. Tuckers

    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    There is a very relevant metric that you can apply here which is the relative mass of Class A and tube amps vs digital amps. Most digital amps discussed seem to run between 10 and 40 pounds and usually on the lighter side of that. Class A and tube amps, much more. Many of the Class A and tube...
  5. Tuckers

    Bernie Grundman tells it like it is----great video---lots to unpack

    That Youtube was a very illuminating discussion, I was riveted through a lot of it. For myself I got some validation from Bernie when he talked about how when you make any change to an original digital file it degrades the quality. When I was recording and doing A/D conversion to some master...
  6. Lumin U2 Mini + infared control kit.

    Lumin U2 Mini + infared control kit.

    Looking for a Lumin U2 Mini streamer and the infrared control kit.
  7. Tuckers

    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    I'm coming up to 300 hours on the Atma-Spheres now. I won't fully comment on them until I have about 1,000 under my belt. I've also had some small changes to power cables etc. What I can say right now about them is that they had excellent transparency, and more detail than what I had before...
  8. Tuckers

    Can we actually discuss What is Best on this forum?

    Nah. Its Rolls Royce Phantom.
  9. Tuckers

    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    I applaud Luxman for taking on power efficiency as a requirement for future products. I have no doubt that whatever they bring to market will be an improvement to their previous Class A designs. Multiply that efficiency by the total number of devices they will sell in the market, and wil have...
  10. Tuckers

    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    One of the requirements for my audio system is power efficiency, and I've followed this for over 10 years. No more tubes, no more Class A or even B. I look at power consumption of every component, and I measure it vs the published specs. Currently my audio system (everything except my TV) draws...
  11. Tuckers

    Done with digital

    I posted this in the wrong thread, reposting here. So, I had an interesting experience last week. I dropped by an acquaintance's place last week and he invited me for a listen. He had a complicated system, all tubes, and he played his Metaxas R2R with a tube head amp for me. He played some...
  12. Tuckers

    Michael Fremer Joins The Absolute Sound

    Oops, I posted this in the wrong thread!
  13. Tuckers

    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    Unfortunately, they have been waiting on the transformers - supply chain issue. They still expect to get then soon though.
  14. Tuckers

    Done with digital

    Were these 24 bit or 32 bit DXD? To my ears 32 bit is quite a bit more special sounding than 24 bit. Not saying it would elevate them equal with your analog rig, but they sound much more analog-like to my ears.
  15. Tuckers

    Done with digital

    And Qobuz lets you do just that. If you like an album, most are available at discount in their store. Buy an album and download it. Comes without any encryption or restrictions for you to store and play at your convenience, just like a CD. I believe you can also buy CD copies too.
  16. Tuckers

    Done with digital

    Lol, I've been gearing up to it. I doubt I would get half that though.
  17. Tuckers

    An appreciation of an Ampex 351 tape deck

    Years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Kara Chaffee of deHavilland Audio (who is a master of vintage tube audio) a few times to listen to her rebuilt 351 and head amps ( I am unsure what the model of the head amps were, 360 or 306??). Listening on 2nd and 3rd generation master tapes of some...
  18. Tuckers

    Done with digital

    If that's your beat, then I've got a beautiful Tandberg 3014a cassette monster that was serviced perfectly and working when I put it in its box 20+ years ago to sell you :)
  19. Tuckers

    Holo Audio May KTE Dac

    I definitely concur on this. For me there were actually further smaller improvements past the 1000 hour mark! Mainly becoming a bit more laid back and fluid. Very interested to see what you think! Also, digital cables matter, put your best stuff on it!
  20. Tuckers

    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    It's my experience that audiophiles will build a system around their primary input. If that is analog, every choice made is with the intent of improving that. And for the sophisticated ones (which this site caters to thankfully) there are absolutely thousands of small choices from which the...
  21. Tuckers

    AppleTV X - I am playing with something new

    I used to design high end computer audio systems, so I know how true the phrase "everything matters" in sound design. From the brand of memory to even testing individual memory boards to find the best sounding one in a batch, or how tight the screws are connecting the motherboard to the case...
  22. Tuckers

    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    The following are opinions formed by my ears only and boxes that I've had the pleasure of listening to, take them with a grain of salt. I was in digital audio design more than a decade ago, so I definitely have a clear idea of what I consider good digital sound which I am sure many won't share...
  23. Tuckers

    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    Ah, yes, it was actually HIS review of the D90 that convinced me to buy it as a temporary fix. He raved about it too. I probably wouldn't like the SE then as I haven't yet heard an ESS dac I'd use as my main driver. I do like ESS dacs for portables though. Also, wasn't it really because of...
  24. Tuckers

    How to tame a really noisy AC circuit. Transformer? Line Selective UPS?

    For excellent power conditioning at a stunningly low price, I recommend the Black Lion Audio Power Conditioners. I have power conditioning equipment totally probably more than $15,000 (I'm not using all of it at once though!) And a dedicated line, and custom ground etc. The PG-1 and PG-2 start...
  25. Tuckers

    AppleTV X - I am playing with something new

    Hey good job there! I can concur that working with the power supply on these media streamers makes a significant difference. I don't do Apple, though I have thought of trying one recently. I use an Nvidia Shield with some power supply and rf reduction tweaks. I also have major power...
  26. Tuckers

    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    I've had a Topping D90 (not the SE) concurrently with the May KTE. Plugging in the May new straight out of the box in the first 5 minutes it blew that Topping so far out of the water it was ridiculous. It was magnitudes better in every parameter. The Topping sounded flat, flaccid, grey and...
  27. Tuckers

    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    I had an Audio Note dac once with tube rectification. That tube made a huge difference. I found a vintage nos tube that transformed the sound (can't remember the deets).
  28. Tuckers

    Dynamic range and gain riding

    From my experience, I would say that the majority of what you are hearing is because there is no crossover on the main driver and the increased efficiency. Higher efficiency always gives more jump and dynamism in my experience that can't be replaced by adding more muscular amps. And lack of...

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