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    Tannoy owners

    I was aware of the Decca ones years ago, no idea about the Pioneers, I will look them up.
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    Tannoy owners

    The room is the problem where I have the 15" Corners, tiled floor, big picture windows, reflective leather furnishing, not good! The HPD295A 10" really do have close to modern levels of bass punch if you get them away from the wall. My cabinets are extremely rigid which helps. Inside is like a...
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    Tannoy owners

    Newbie here, thought I should join in! Always loved Tannoys, have a pair of 15" GRF corners in my other place (no pics) but I do not like them as much as my HPD295A 10" in custom ported 105 litre cabinets. Much sweeter midrange in my opinion and in the 105 litre cabinets are not lacking in bass...

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