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    The Truth about Whats Best Forum

    Schneider has seen the light and now he must tell the world how stupid rich people are and then he finish the article by pin point and name one extremely expensive loudspeaker that is worth every cent (and try to make it logical because there are more expensive loudspeakers). I am not a...
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    Bass worse after 3 hours

    Just another perspective that may not be relevant for you. For me, listening for hours give me listening fatique and the things I hear do sound different. For many years this what not the case but as I grow older it suddenly appeared. Before I was familiar with this phenomenon I actually thought...
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    Outstanding Sound Improvement with Videos before-after/ VYDA Cables

    The numbers are from Vimeo. The codec for the audio is AAC and the first video seems to have an audiostream with 159 Kbps and the second one is 256 Kbps. It was just something I noticed.
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    Outstanding Sound Improvement with Videos before-after/ VYDA Cables

    Great that you are happy with the cables. But are the videos reliable? According to the information the first video seems to have a lower Kbps?
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    The 12 Million Mile Battery (Fact or fiction)

    Lol, here is the whole article. So full of crap. The picture of the battery is stolen from Daimler Website: But the most funny thing is of course...
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    Amp and Pre for Sorastro

    There are some information on WBF about Sarastro. You misspelled the name.
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    Hello from Canary Islands¡

    When this is over I will once again go to Arguineguin (I have a apartment there), rent a car, and enjoy the beautiful island, with all the nice people, good food and wonderful weather. Stay safe!
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    Hello from Canary Islands¡

    Welcome! I am sure your system brings you a lot of pleasure! And also, love the Canary Islands. Been there at least 20 times ( on Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote).
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    Stereophile Recommended Components 2020 Edition

    Strange, I did not know that magazines on a free market had to fight for every little manufacturer out there. Of course, they will cover the products from the most popular brands more often than from an esoteric, and never heard of, brand. As every magazine in every genre. Your characterization...
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    ZANDEN Choku, Chukoh and Jinpu

    LL21 will loose his mind reading this. :eek::)
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    Saturn rising behind the moon

    Vibrations is usually not a problem. The atmospheric disturbance, lights and Earths rotation are usually the biggest issues. So finding a dark place with perfect skies is critical to get the best images. A picture like the one above consist of over 1000 different exposures. There are some really...
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    Saturn rising behind the moon

    It was made by an amateur with amateur gear (high end telescope, but still a telescope and camera for the hobby photographer). It is amazing what the best amateurs can do today. Maybe the best amateur planet photographer is Damian Peach. Here is one of his pictures of Jupiter (taken with a...
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    my avatar seems to be messed up......

    I seems to see the new avatar. Looks good!
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    Jonathan Valin’s TAS Review of MBL X-Tremes

    Nine years ago:
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    Jonathan Valin’s TAS Review of MBL X-Tremes

    I have heard them a couple of times at Audio Concept in Sweden, they are truly amazing. If I had the place and the money I would not hesitate one second. I also think you get pretty much for your money, for example they are 100 k cheaper than the WA XLF. I wonder how 2 pairs of MSB M500 would...
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    PSA: Be Careful Dealing With Uptone Audio

    After reading this I can easily say that I would happily buy products from UpTone.
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    State-of-the-art Home Theater / No Short Cuts

    Would love to watch LotR on that one! Here are some more if interested:
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    What brands are on the picture?

    :) We need the CSI-team.
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    What brands are on the picture?

    There also seems to be a tube amplifier on top of the Threshold amp.
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    What brands are on the picture?

    I think the preamp is to the left of the amp and the small black box with the golden plate do match the Threshold preamp (and because the amp is a Threshold that seems reasonable): The big grey box to the right is maybe some kind of power distributor? The lack of buttons seems to point in...
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    What brands are on the picture?

    The CD looks like a Copland.
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    Super High Tech /// Google (#1) Quantum Computing 'Supremacy'

    So it begins... Amazing times...and so many people are unaware. The parallel and fast development in quantum computing an artificiell intelligence is fascinating, and scary.

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