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  1. Mike Lavigne

    Happy 20th Birthday to my chair

    in May of 1999 my new chair arrived i had ordered from the 'Relax-The-Back' on line store. i needed the 'tall, narrow' version (extended length top and bottom) of the top of line 'perfect chair' with top level black leather and visco-elastic memory foam. i got the round pillow head
  2. Mike Lavigne

    Durand Tosca tonearm at Axpona

    enjoyed listening to the new 10.5 inch Durand Tosca tonearm yesterday at Axpona. this is the production version and it did not disappoint. Wow! Bravo Joel! full disclosure.....i have one of these on order for my turntable. can't wait to get it. an Ortofon Century was mounted and the system...
  3. Mike Lavigne

    downloading from Tidal directly verses HD tracks

    saw the new Dido album (i'm a fan) on Tidal, 'Still On My Mind', in 24/88 MQA (44/24), so i played it and really liked it. power pop, well sung and produced. spacious, lush and nice bass. i happen to like her voice. i saw the 'add to library' button, but instead went to HD Tracks and downloaded...
  4. Mike Lavigne

    adding a 5th Taiko Tana/Herzan TS-140 active isolation unit.

    last June i moved my -2- Taiko Tana/Herzan TS-140 active isolation units from under my SGM 2015 server and my NVS turntable to under both my darTZeel 458 mono block amplifiers. the 458's had been sitting on Box Furniture amp stands for the last 6 years. when i did this move we listened before...
  5. Mike Lavigne

    a little Beethoven......enjoying the 63' Karajan's tonight in 96/24 and loving it.

    i've owned these files for a while; the 1963 Karajan 9 Symphony's in 96/24 are a fine transfer from the analog tapes and sound wonderful on the MSB Select II tonight. these recordings seem to hit the spot for me with energetic and natural renderings, lot's of scale and dynamic range.....majestic...
  6. Mike Lavigne

    sales tax on ebay now for IA, MN, and WA residents.

    made my first 2019 ebay purchase yesterday, and got a surprise. the item was in California, and i'm in Washington State. when i went to pay it, the ebay invoice showed a line for sales tax. so i asked the seller about it, and he found this little message. he was surprised too, and so he did...
  7. Mike Lavigne

    Taiko Tana/Herzan under dart 458 amps

    how do you improve a world class amplifier? you provide unique world class resonance attenuation. these last 6 months i've made zero changes, and you may have noticed i've been a bit low profile. just been listening to music and enjoying my system. no coincidence that in mid June i moved 2 of...
  8. Mike Lavigne

    Valin's new MSB Reference dac & transport review, AS Product Year Award

    last night i received my Jan 19' Absolute Sound Magazine, and there on the cover is the MSB Reference Dac. i still get Stereophile and Absolute Sound in the mail, and must admit to mostly just scanning them here and there and rarely reading any review from start to finish. it's just not what i...
  9. Mike Lavigne

    Visit to Bending Wave USA--Gobel and CH Precision---state of the art

    i have had a man crush on CH Precision gear for awhile, and also paid close attention to all the very positive feedback from fellow MSB Select II owner WBF member Priaptor (Howie) about his experience with his new Gobel speakers and CH Precision M1 amps. then at RMAF i visited the Bending Wave...
  10. Mike Lavigne

    across the Atlantic in a 47' Catamaran

    my son Steve quit his job (as I.T. and e-commerce where i work) and has been traveling. 3 weeks in southern Spain, a week in the French Alps, a week near Monaco, and a week in Morocco. then he got on a 47' Catamaran in the Canary Islands and is sailing to the British Virgin Islands via Cape...
  11. Mike Lavigne

    Audio Precision Portable One Plus Audio Analyizer and Tone Generator

    working on learning to properly optimize my tapes, just bought this little toy. I have a local friend who will teach me how to use it. he has the same unit.
  12. Mike Lavigne

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest-2018--pictures and comments

    Doshi-Joseph Audio--589 (Crested Butte) saw Myles and Dre there early Friday playing tapes they each brought. very musical system with Doshi electronics, Joseph Audio speakers, and Studer RTR deck. the tapes were 'tasty' sounding and I liked the room. lots to like.
  13. Mike Lavigne

    SEC sues Tesla CEO Elon Musk for 'misleading' tweet full disclosure; not a fan of Mr. Musk and hope he crashes and burns. don't know enough to know what result will happen. and then there is due...
  14. Mike Lavigne

    could not load pictures in I.E. this morning

    did the forum get any update in the last day or two which might have affected this issue? I tried a number of times. but could not load pictures in Internet Explorer. I restarted my computer and the still would not load. finally tried Chrome and they loaded fine. is this something...
  15. Mike Lavigne

    Speaker building contest form

    yesterday I was again a judge in our local audio club speaker building contest. the Pacific Northwest Audio Club (Seattle area + Western Washington) combined with the local DIY club conduct a speaker building contest every other year. I've been a judge in 10 or 11 of these contests since 1998...
  16. Mike Lavigne

    Box Furniture--pair of amps stands for sale

    for sale---a pair of Box Furniture amplifier stands, Sapele wood, large 24" x 20" size. (model A1SL)---asking $800 plus shipping for the pair. 7 years ago when I purchased them, they were $800 each retail ($1600 retail value), now I think $1000...
  17. Mike Lavigne

    proximity effect of speaker magnets to amp transformers?

    I sold my Lamm ML3's and this morning I was starting the packing process, first carefully putting the tubes in the correct boxes (lots of tubes). then moving the amplifier chassis out from near the speakers. yesterday I had returned the VAC Statement 450's to my friend as he has a few interested...
  18. Mike Lavigne

    Sir Paul with James Cordon doing Carpool Kareoke---fantastic if you are a Beatles fan this is 'must watch'......or maybe even if you're not. it's a car tour of Liverpool and 23 minutes of great Beatles fun and nostalgia. I had more than a couple of tears watching...
  19. Mike Lavigne

    Lamm ML3 Signature mono blocks w/SRA stands FS

    $48,900.00 plus shipping. Lamm ML3 Signature mono blocks with matching SRA Virginia Class dedicated stands. $139,000 retail price for the 4 chassis ML3's. 2 amplifier chassis + 2 power supply chassis. $8k 'each' retail price for the -4- SRA stands ($32k retail value). excellent condition...
  20. Mike Lavigne

    VAC Statement 450 mono blocks--for sale

    pair of VAC Statement 450 mono blocks. Black and Chrome. 9/10, excellent condition. one small scratch on the back. 450 watts, with amazing build quality. new in 2012, and not used much the last 2 years. a local friend allowed me to...
  21. Mike Lavigne

    Taiko Audio with 'Evo spec' meets MSB Select II digital + NVS tt

    lately I've had a bit of action around my place, with new amplifiers (ML3 and VAC Statements) and Ron Resnick's visit. then last week Ed Hsu of Taiko Audio/SGM spent 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) at my home. mostly I was gone to work and Ed was there working. Ed visited to (1)...
  22. Mike Lavigne

    added a 3rd Studer A-820 Mk2 with both 1/4" and 1/2" heads, guides and hubs

    been wanting to do this for a while to allow for seamless high quality dubbing. this is a MK2 version with both 1/4" and 1/2" sets of headblocks, guides and hubs. with this machine I can easily dub either 1/4" or 1/2" to either 1/4" or 1/2" consistently. I will set the work flow up (with Ki's...
  23. Mike Lavigne

    vdh Colibri XGW Stradivarious KOA .38mv output---like new, 10 hours.

    this is the $7995 van den Hul Colibri XGW Stradivarius .38mv output, like new, 10 hours......$3695. bought it in December. thought i would have multiple tonearms, but only have one. so clearing out cartridges i bought. this is an excellent, very lively, and balanced cartridge. i only had it...
  24. Mike Lavigne

    vdH Colibri XGW Signature Stradavriius .72mv output---almost new, 25 hours

    this is the $11,995 van den Hul Colibri XGW Signature Stradivarious, with .75mv output.....asking $5695. i purchased this beauty in late December anticipating adding more tonearms, and put about 25 hours on it. but going forward i only have one tonearm and I've bought a different amplifier...
  25. Mike Lavigne

    ying and yang--Lamm ML3 and darTZeel 458

    .....or is it Yang and Ying? (I would have used 'Clash of the Titans' as a thread title but it's taken.:D) (I apologize to those who already know my story/rationalizations:rolleyes:) for a number of years I've hankered for a set of tube amps for when that urge strikes me. of course; back in...
  26. Mike Lavigne

    Diabolus in Musica, Accardo-DG--double Lp--tone king!

    really enjoying this re-issue collection of 'mostly' solo Violin interpretations of Paganini by Salvatore Accardo. he's playing a Stradivarious violin and the tone and projected energy is certainly alive and involving to me on my 'breaking in' vdH Colibri Stradivarious Signature .7mv cartridge...
  27. Mike Lavigne

    vdH Colibri Stradivarious Signature .7mv

    it just arrived. van den Hul Colibri Stradivarius Signature .7mv output. will install it tonight.
  28. Mike Lavigne

    1/2 inch tape Nirvana---ahhhhh

    my Studer A-820 1/2" RTR deck has been idle for a couple of years. it was fully functional, but there was a simple but involved, 'Ki' level fix needed, so I could comfortably use it. and yesterday Ki Choi rode in on his white horse and fixed it. bravo Ki!!! last night and this morning I've...
  29. Mike Lavigne

    Taiko Tana-LPS-Setchi---listening

    sorry for the delay, but here are pics, comments to follow.
  30. Mike Lavigne

    why tweak?

    tonight I've been listening to some redbook rips from some CD's Jazdoc gave me that he wanted to hear in my system, a number of them. and they sound absolutely amazing. these transcend any idea of format limitations into pure musical wonderfulness. it could be tape for all I know. the synergy...

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