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  1. astrotoy

    Clef and Note Reel to Reel tapes, incredible selection but are they official

    Yes, what I am talking about is that the titles that Bob sells which have been digitized by him for HDTT appear to be the same as most all of the titles offered by Clef and Note on R2R tapes. A logical conclusion would be to take one of Bob's digital files and copy it to tape. That would allow...
  2. astrotoy

    Clef and Note Reel to Reel tapes, incredible selection but are they official

    Thanks for the info. I looked at their website. Quite incredible collection of tapes. I noticed a few flags. First there are only jazz and classical, even though they list other genres. The typical lists that I have seen from extra legal sources have lots of rock and pop, since that is...
  3. astrotoy

    Lang Lang Marries in Paris Famed Chinese pianist Lang Lang married Gina-Alice Redlinger, a 24 year old pianist of Korean and German descent. They married in Paris recently with the reception at the Palace of Versailles. Lang Lang is 36 years old...
  4. astrotoy

    Violinist Alena Baeva with three tapeheads

    Ed Pong's UltraAnalogue Tape's recording artist violinist Alena Baeva was featured in a concert with the Oxford Philharmonic last Saturday (June 1, 2019), She played the rarely heard and virtuosic Schumann Violin Concerto with both passion and technical brilliance. Ed Pong and wife Amy went...
  5. astrotoy

    UltraAnalogue Recordings releases 5 new tapes from star violinist Alena Baeva & pianist Vadym Kholodenko.

    I had a marathon tape playing session this weekend, playing all five of Ed's new tapes featuring Alena Baeva, violin and Vadym Kholodenko, piano. The tapes combined both parts of a live concert that Alena and Vadym performed at Ed's home studio/concert hall and recordings that Ed did of them...
  6. astrotoy

    A new, perfected DolbyA (well, not Dolby endorsed) compatible decoder.

    John, thanks again. I am definitely an amateur. I will contact you privately if I get hold of any dolby A tapes. Much appreciated. Larry
  7. astrotoy

    A new, perfected DolbyA (well, not Dolby endorsed) compatible decoder.

    John, thanks for all that information about CD's sometimes not decoding Dolby A. I can see why people working from digital files which have the dolby A included don't want to go to the analogue domain and decode in real time, particularly when for many reissues, the mastering engineer is not...
  8. astrotoy

    Ethics of Switching Seats at a Classical Concert

    We go to about 70 concerts a year (almost all classical). Most of these are in series and we usually also donate to those series. One of the perks of being a donor at a certain level or higher is that we are guaranteed the better seats in the price range we select. Others may pay the same...
  9. astrotoy

    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    I posted this a couple of weeks ago. We typically have a home concert once a year. This one was the first time we had a duo piano concert, with Jon Nakamatsu playing the Rachmaninoff Second...
  10. astrotoy

    Ethics of Switching Seats at a Classical Concert

    Standard practice. However, there is a chance that the people with the tickets to those seats show up late and you have to move back to your old seats. Larry
  11. astrotoy

    UltraAnalogue Recordings & star violinist Alena Baeva

    I just ordered the 5 tapes by Alena Baeva and Vadym Kholodenko from Ed. They are available on his website Larry
  12. astrotoy

    UltraAnalogue Recordings releases 5 new tapes from star violinist Alena Baeva & pianist Vadym Kholodenko.

    I put in my order for all five tapes today! Ed is producing more classical music content on 15ips 2 track than anyone else. He has consistently found superb young artists, most of whom have been major prize winners in the big international competitions. Alena and Vadym fit that mold to a tee...
  13. astrotoy

    The Devil's Trill

    The brilliant young Japanese violinist Tatsuki Narita has the Tartini Devil's Trill on a very fine album, only available on tape, through UltraAnalogue tapes in Canada. The tape (15ips 2 track) is amazing sounding and also includes Kreisler Prelude and Allegro and the Sarasate Carmen Fantasy...
  14. astrotoy

    The vintage pre-recorded reel to reel tape thread

    Again, nice post. I'll reference your classical tapes. I've never had a Mercury 2 track, although I have seen a few advertised. I have a few RCA 2 tracks and IIRC one or two Capitol 2 tracks. A few years ago, a fellow in the industry I know, emailed me that he knew a person who owned a used...
  15. astrotoy

    The vintage pre-recorded reel to reel tape thread

    Thanks, Dexter. Very nice post and start to this thread. I started with tape in the '60's when I was in college. Prerecorded tapes in those days were multiple times as expensive as vinyl, so I and many others didn't buy prerecorded tapes when you could buy two or three or even four records...
  16. astrotoy

    Are modern pianos too powerful sounding?

    I've read about the Stuart pianos, particularly the one with 108 keys, but have never seen or heard one. I think it is priced above all the other top pianos and produced in miniscule quantities, so I don't expect many to show up in concert halls. I thought our Boesendorfer with 92 keys had a...
  17. astrotoy

    Are modern pianos too powerful sounding?

    Correction: Jon Nakamatsu did the special Horowitz Steinway event in the summer of 2018 at Chatauqua, NY. Larry
  18. astrotoy

    Are modern pianos too powerful sounding?

    Thanks, Tang. Quite an experience. Jon is actually going to be doing a special event this summer for Steinway, featuring the Horowitz Steinway, a very special instrument set up to Horowitz's very specific needs. It has gone on tour in the years since Horowitz's death and many people have had...
  19. astrotoy

    Are modern pianos too powerful sounding?

    We had a great experience last night. We typically have a home concert once a year and last night was the first time we had a two piano performance. Here are a couple of pictures. In front is Jon Nakamatsu, winner of the 1997 Van Cliburn competition with his accompanist (and my audiophile...
  20. astrotoy

    Are modern pianos too powerful sounding?

    The playback and record technology in the Steinways (Models B - 6'10" and D - 9', which are respectively the size of the 80 Black Diamond and 8 concert grands they are offering) is from their Spirio series. We've seen and heard the playback version of the Model B and will be hearing the record...
  21. astrotoy


    Hi Ron, thanks for the report and great photos. Did you see the big black power cubes that Maier used to plug in the electronics behind the equipment? I think they were Symmetrical Power units by 512 Engineering/Timothy Marutani. Larry
  22. astrotoy

    Gustavo Dudamel & the BSO - The Rite of Spring

    If you look at the BSO, particularly at the string sections, you can see the number of women in the orchestra. Back when I started going to the BSO in the mid '60's (while I was in college) there was one woman in the BSO, the famous and fabulous first flute, Doriot Anthony Dwyer. Mrs. Dwyer...
  23. astrotoy

    Who is today the world's richest man, as compared to yesterday?

    Interesting. The Bezos' started Amazon together, living in a community property state, so she could have taken half. Bill and Melinda live in the same state. They've stayed married but gave about the same amount ($36B) to the Gates Foundation. So both Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates ended up with...
  24. astrotoy

    Miscellaneous | History

    There is a big classical music connection to the Titanic. In 1912, the London Symphony (which was only 8 years old at the time) was scheduled to sail on the Titanic for their first American tour. However, the sister ship to the Titanic, the Olympic which had been launched earlier, was involved...
  25. astrotoy

    Miscellaneous | History

    Seeing the NYC film, it is so clear how the technology of the automobile is displacing the horse and buggy (and so quickly). How many people had their jobs displaced by the change. Also notice how many people are wearing hats, and how many hat manufacturers must be out of business today. Larry
  26. astrotoy

    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    I've had my Psvane Acme 2A3s installed in my Cary Signature 2A3 monoblocks for a couple of weeks. They replaced my Psvane 2A3-TII's (grey coat with gold base) which I have had for several years (longest lasting 2A3's I've ever had). Out of the box the Acmes are harmonically richer and the...
  27. astrotoy

    Who Still Has A Tape Deck?

    Don, welcome. Great to have a tape buff and expert join us at WBF. Soren is a great tech. Larry
  28. astrotoy

    You'll Never Guess What the Worlds Most Expensive Album Is....

    If they sell that one, looks like 37 other people have copies also. Looks like they would be worth a total of US$684M! Larry
  29. astrotoy

    For those with the cojones...and chequebook to match!

    In the US, with the continuing stratification of the wealthiest people, the top quarter of a percent of the population has a net worth of around $22M+. That means about 300,000 households. Picking that number is not random. It is the point at which the US estate tax starts for a couple (or the...

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