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  1. Audiophile Bill

    BD Designs Horn Speakers

    Dear All, As some of you might have seen from other recent threads, I recently acquired a pair of Bert’s incredible BD Swing MKIIs. I had followed the Swings from many years back in their very first iteration using the Oris horn up top coupled with a full ranger (modded Lowther in those...
  2. Audiophile Bill

    De Havilland Tape Preamp

    Dear All, I just recently acquired a beautiful mint 1950s Philips EL3501 transport and now looking to acquire a tape preamp. I thought the logical choice to get me in the game without spending a bomb is the De Havilland. Anyone got experience of this and how does it stac up versus the Doshi...
  3. Audiophile Bill

    Vyger Atlantis - my new turntable :)

    Hi All, Today was a momentous day for me as I took delivery of a brand spanking new Vyger Atlantis turntable. I had an idea what to expect having regularly heard and seen the Vyger Indian at The General’s house. However nothing quite prepares you for the sheer monstrous size and insane finish...
  4. Audiophile Bill

    Triplanar Owners - help please

    Dear All, I am trying to install a VDH colibri XGW on my Triplanar (my existing cart if a Lyra Kleos which is fine). Now when I adjust the overhang, I see that the VDH needs to be set far back in the head shell because the cantilever extends forwards a lot. Anyway - it requires it to be so...
  5. Audiophile Bill

    Any Avalon Transcendent, Indra II, or Compas users out there?

    Hi all, I might be changing my speakers out soon and one brand on my radar is Avalon as I have always been a fan particularly on their staging and musicality whilst on a small footprint. I am reaching out in case we have any users of the above speakers. I am looking for real world insights...
  6. Audiophile Bill

    New SVS 16 ultras

    Hi all, These new svs 16 ultras have me salivating with excitement - look to be exceptional value for money and mind bending performance. Can be controlled using Bluetooth off iPhone. 1500w continuous into 8ohms and 16" driver. This means business...
  7. Audiophile Bill

    Turntable Wall Shelf

    Hi all, I am about to start a conversion of my listening room and wondered about adding some TT wall shelves. These appear to be the optimum isolation - why do more of us not use them? Any recommendations for brands? Cheers
  8. Audiophile Bill

    Aesthetix IO

    Hi all, Just wondering whether there are any former or current IO owners out there on wbf? Looking to connect to gain insights about this beast. Best, Bill
  9. Audiophile Bill

    Dsd - how far does one go?

    Hi all, Just browsing the pages of my monthly subscription to Hifi News and noticed that CES saw the launch of the EMM labs DA2. Now said Dac is hexadeca DSD capable (16x) - I asked myself immediately I wonder when my GG will be able to do that after a new USB interface is installed. I then...
  10. Audiophile Bill

    Analog Domain

    Hi all, I wonder whether anyone on the forum owns or has heard the Analog Domain products? I first heard their integrated amplifier powering some Alexias with a DCS Vivaldi front end and was enormously impressed with the authority the amplifier had over the fairly taxing Alexia load -...
  11. Audiophile Bill

    CES - UEF panels from Synergistic Research

    Hi all, Any of you at CES assessed the efficacy of the new UEF panels from Synergistic? Cheers, Bill
  12. Audiophile Bill

    CES - ref 3 phonostage

    Hi ARC fans, Rumours of a reference 3 phono stage at CES - anyone got the scoop? Cheers
  13. Audiophile Bill

    Grounding of system

    Hi all, I have been following the threads about Entreq and Troy grounding boxes and wondered whether my system would benefit from chassis and signal grounding in this way. Instead of buying one of these boxes, I was considering installing a copper grounding rod into the earth outside my...
  14. Audiophile Bill

    Greetings from audiophile Bill UK

    Hi all, My friend Bonzo said great things about this forum and that I can learn loads from all you guys. So here I am and looking forward to the journey. I love classical music the most but listen to most genres depending on mood. I like both ss and tubes and a blend of the two. I have...

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