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  1. johndoe21ro

    Emm labs DA2 v2 upgrade

    As far as I'm concerned, MQA is flawed. It's just a format designed to help entry-level digital systems sound reasonable or more analog-like. But it's lossy and it tricks the ears of the beginners into thinking it's better... It's not...
  2. johndoe21ro

    Cable Burn-in Devices - Looking for Recommendations

    Nordost CBID and Blue Horizon Pro Burn Cable Cooker Device!
  3. johndoe21ro

    The new Jeff Rowland 535 amp

    I'd love to hear one of those 625 S2's as I've heard only good things about them. I'm a long time fan of Jeff Rowland's designs (including their class D amps) even though I've moved to BAT and recently to Vitus.
  4. johndoe21ro

    Best XLR connectors money can buy?

    Xhadow are probably the best XLR connectors on the market... ETI come close!
  5. johndoe21ro

    Totaldac versus Rockna Wavedream?

    xcowdoc, what DAC did you have before the Rockna?
  6. johndoe21ro

    Cable Elevators

    I'm anxious to hear your opinion about them!
  7. johndoe21ro

    AQ Blizzard

    I'd love to hear any info about Silver Cloud as well!
  8. johndoe21ro

    Anyone with big, high current amplifier(s) find a power conditioner that doesn't destroy the amplifier's virtues? Is it even possible? Which Ones?

    I really liked what AQ Niagara 5000 and IsoTek Sigmas are doing with amps. I didn't find them to limit the dynamics of my BAT VK-655SE! Highly recommended!
  9. johndoe21ro

    Audioquest Hurricane Power Cord

    Wow... pretty mixed opinions! I felt that Hurricane HC is very energetic yet full bodied and digging deep in the bass department... I've also found it to be quite transparent...
  10. johndoe21ro

    Chord Hugo TT2 dac and Hugo M Scaler

    Any new owners? Any new opinions or comparisons?
  11. johndoe21ro

    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    As far as I know USB is not plug and play... especially USB audio! Better turn the gear off before swapping USB cables for comparison purposes!
  12. johndoe21ro

    Innuos Phoenix USB

    You've got a great system... looking at your signature! May you enjoy it in good health! I was wondering if you have any prior experience with other reclockers and/or USB galvanic isolation devices (UpTone, Intona, SOtM), etc.
  13. johndoe21ro

    Boulder 2060 vs Gryphon Mephisto

    My passion about the hobby and experience are similar. I would find it difficult to live without my music and my audio! ;)
  14. johndoe21ro

    Cable Elevators

    I'm curious about the Fog Lifters too! I'm all AudioQuest and their price is more than reasonable.
  15. johndoe21ro

    Incredible Stillpoints

    A lot of useful information! Thanks a lot! :)
  16. johndoe21ro


    Interesting findings! Thanks!
  17. johndoe21ro

    Cable Elevators

    This thread needs some reviving...
  18. johndoe21ro

    Audioquest Hurricane Power Cord

    Hell yeah, Saleh84! I couldn't have said it any better! ;)
  19. johndoe21ro

    Testing RAM with different brands and models, seems to have more difference than I thought

    In your opinion and in your configuration which ones were best?
  20. johndoe21ro

    Gramophone: The 50 greatest conductors of all time

    How come Ivan Fischer isn't on the list?
  21. johndoe21ro

    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    Put him under some pressure! :)
  22. johndoe21ro

    USB cable suggestions

    Well, what happened? How did the comparison go?
  23. johndoe21ro

    Shostakovich #11/BSO Nelsons on DG

    I don't know if there's a separate thread on it but I feel that Reference Recording's Shostakovich 5 conducted by Manfred Honeck with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is one fine example of an excellent recording and definitely better than this one here (even if it's not the 11th it's still...
  24. johndoe21ro

    Audioquest Hurricane Power Cord

    Did anybody compare the Hurricane and the Firebird?
  25. johndoe21ro

    Audioquest (USB cable) 'DBS' positioning changes sound ?

    There's nothing faulty about AQ! Couldn't be happier with their cables! :)

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