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  1. JimmyS

    Halloween Treats

    Its a snowy Halloween day in Chicago, which means the kid traffic will be light and I'll have some time to starting listening to a demo setup that arrived :).
  2. JimmyS

    Jimmy’s Audio System

    This setup has evolved over many years and provided many hours of listening enjoyment. Today, the AMG Viella with 12” Turbo Tonearm was added replacing the Clearaudio Ovation.
  3. JimmyS

    Preamp Suggestions

    So I've been kicking around the idea in my head of a new preamp, and with Axpona just around the corner I figured it would be a good time to get some idea's of what to look into. I'm hoping you all can help fill in some candidates for me to have a look at :). Current preamp is a Pass XP20...
  4. JimmyS

    Avalon: Customer Service

    Anyone know if the factory is still running? I ordered a set of Eidolon replacement grills in Nov 2013, received an invoice in Feb 2014, sent payment (check was cashed), and still have no grills. Numerous phone calls, emails, promises of both a refund and my grills in the mail this week...

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