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  1. Don_Camillo

    Don_Camillo on knocking down, draging out the Linn LP12 to get it even more the best player of the world

    You all know about the best turntable ever, do you? Take it with Linn: "Unmatched for almost five decades, the Sondek LP12 remains the pinnacle of record player design. An icon that’s still evolving. A revolution that's still revolving." :cool: It all started with a late 80s LP12 in a genuine...
  2. Don_Camillo

    Don_Camillos Chill out lounge with vinyl

    In this category I´ll post vinyl spun on one of my turntables over time. Stay tuned, let yourself be enchanted and invited to discover well-known, old and new music and to return to the true meaning of our hobby - not stacking or discussing devices but enjoying and discovering music ;) Miles...
  3. Don_Camillo

    Hello from Vienna

    Dear members, please let me introduce myself. Born in Munich, Bavaria I´ve changed jobs some years ago and moved to Vienna, in Musik and records since ages, in turntables and tubes as well. When I had more free time, I built my own tube amps, today I just don't have the time for that. Since...

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