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  1. J

    Re-imagining "Class A" Amplification

    Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated!
  2. J

    Re-imagining "Class A" Amplification

    You mentioned some type alteration to the Horizon for it to drive the REI amps. Can you advise what was needed to be done to accomplish this? Thanks!
  3. J

    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    Yesterday I had the good fortune to visit Steve’s beautiful home and listening room. We discussed his system and listened to music for three quick hours. Our combined time was most enjoyable and informative. It’s really inspiring to see someone so passionate about audio and music. Thanks...
  4. J

    AlsyVox Botticelli with external crossovers

    Marcus: Are you still using Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cables on the AlsyVox speakers? Your thoughts?
  5. J

    Speakers for Kondo Ongaku... Please Help

    I recently had the good fortune to spend several hours listening to both the Diesis Roma and Roma Triode speakers. Electronics were the Diesis integrated amp and alternatively the Pilium Leonidas integrated amp. Both were fed by the Taiko Extreme streamer. The Roma and Roma Triode are the...
  6. J

    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

    J117, I have the Pilium Achilles/Alexander combo driving Alsyvox Tintoretto X. You are in for a great experience! Enjoy.
  7. J

    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

    I have had Pilium and Taiko Extreme in my system for several months and they have performed as well as any “mature” component I have owned during my 30+ years in audio. I have heard this combo on Magico, Alsyvox, Bayz and Diesis with great results. Bobvin, you are among only a handful of...
  8. J

    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    My Pilium Alexander, Achilles and Elektra should be arriving within the next few weeks. Looking forward to first impressions.
  9. J

    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    Thanks Esotar and Forte for your replies.
  10. J

    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    Esotar, do you know the name of the rack system used by your customer?

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