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  1. Mr P

    Lampizator announcement: launch of our all new TOTL HORIZON DAC

    The wife and I spent the day at the Florida Audio Expo. To our ears the Lampizator room by far had the most natural/musical sound. Great system synergy. We could have spent the whole day there listening. Looking forward to the arrival of our Horizon. The Tobian loudspeakers are also very intriguing.
  2. Mr P

    Smooth musical cabling suggestion

    In my system I did not experience restricted current when the amp was plugged into the 3000, but I also did not experience any noticeable improvements. Using a 640X with the amp plugged into the wall there is a slight decrease in the noise floor, but not nearly as great as adding them to the...
  3. Mr P

    Smooth musical cabling suggestion

    To clarify, I am sharing my experience in my system. Nothing more and nothing less. Every system is different and there is no “one solution fits all”.
  4. Mr P

    Smooth musical cabling suggestion

    I have the Niagara 3000 and use four 640Xs. At some point in your experimentation I recommend you plug one 640X directly into your streamer and the other directly into your DAC. Then plug both components directly into the wall. I found that bypassing the Niagara with this configuration resulted...
  5. Mr P

    Gryphon Essence

    I have not had the opportunity to audition the Essence pre-amp.
  6. Mr P

    Gryphon Essence

    The above was with the Essence Stereo amp. The pairing of the VAC Renaissance pre with the Essence was dependent on the DAC used. MSB DAC > VAC PRE > Essence = Good pairing in my system Lampy DAC > VAC PRE > Essence = Not a good pairing in my system
  7. Mr P

    Gryphon Essence

    I tried a VAC Renaissance pre-amp with my Essence stereo amp. First I tried it with a MSB Discrete DAC with VC and dual power supplies. This was a very good combination in my system. One that I could easily live with. Significantly better than using the volume control on the Discrete DAC with...
  8. Mr P

    Smooth musical cabling suggestion

    I went all in on the LessLoss C-MARC technology when it first came out and have upgraded to the newer series as they were released. My recommendation would be to contact Louis at LessLoss and see if he will let you try the Firewall for Loudspeakers. That may be all you need.
  9. Mr P

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    I am using RK KR-242 output tubes and the RK KR-5U4G rectifier in my Pacific. My system has a touch of hardness that I would like to get rid of, preferably by rolling in a different rectifier. Looking for thoughts on rectifiers to try that will remove the hardness without impacting the positive...
  10. Mr P

    Spectral 110v used in 230v country

    I bought an Equi=Core 1800 240/120 balanced power transformer to power my 120V equipment in Thailand. It works flawlessay.
  11. Mr P

    Gryphon Essence

    I drive my Essence with a Lampizator Pacific DAC. The Essence drives Vivid Audio Giya 2 S2s. Am completely satisfied.
  12. Mr P

    After all the requests for my list

    Elliot’s Playlist Vol 2 is now complete and on Qobuz. The playlist includes songs 301 - 666 (31 hours). 18 songs were not available on Qobuz. Enjoy!
  13. Mr P

    After all the requests for my list

    I have gone through the first 300 items on Elliot’s List. They are in a public playlist in Qobuz named “Elliot’s List - Vol 1”. There were 31 items I could not find in Qobuz. If anyone would like to see if they can find them, let me know and I will send you the list. Where an album was...
  14. Mr P

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    I was planning on ordering an Extreme tomorrow until I saw the following in the online Extreme manual this morning; “At a minimum it is suggested that the AC connection be capable of delivering 2 KW of continuous power without neither wiring or plugs and sockets getting warm.“ If I remember...
  15. Mr P

    Best Bass Demo Albums or Tracks

    Daft Punk Random Access Memories (On Qobuz) Giorgio by Moroder (Listen to it all)
  16. Mr P

    PlayClassics album premiere for WBF members

    I would like to try this. Please send me the code. Thank you.
  17. Mr P

    Laser measurement for speaker positioning

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been thinking about researching these, but haven’t gotten around to doing it. My order is in with Amazon.
  18. Mr P

    Are SET Amplifiers Less Resolving Than Solid State Amplifiers?

    Are SET amplifiers inherently less resolving than solid state amplifiers? If yes, why?
  19. Mr P

    Lampizator Pacific Review

    Adam - I would appreciate an update on your Pacific when you get a chance.
  20. Mr P

    Golden Gate 2 Reactions

    Azizz - On your browser go to Click on the manage button. Click on settings and then on the Roon Ready icon. Make sure the DSD Support window has Native DSD selected and not DoP. I may be wrong, but I believe DoP only supports up to 256. The screenshots you posted in...
  21. Mr P

    Golden Gate 2 Reactions

    A quick update on my GG2. I have 200+ hours on it and no longer hear significant changes. In my system notable areas of improvement over my upgraded GG include 1) reduced noise floor and all the associated benefits that come with it, 2) improved dynamics, 3) increased weight/heft to the music...
  22. Mr P

    Golden Gate 2 Reactions

    Jupiter caps in my original GG. Did not look to see if they were changed as part of the GG2 upgrade. For tubes I switch between: JAN RCA 5U4G Blackplate (VT244 Military Style) with PSVANE 101Ds (Metal Base) And KR Audio 5U4G with KR PX-4s.
  23. Mr P

    Golden Gate 2 Reactions

    In April of this year I had my GG upgraded to include the R2R, superclocks, 512 DSD, Etc.. Subsequently a relay failed on my volume control that required me to send the GG back to Poland for warranty work. While it was there I heard about the new Pacific and the Golden Gate 2. As I am now...

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