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  1. sujay

    RIP Peter Breuninger

    Oh lord! This is indeed sad news........ I’m just catching up with the news. I saw him at the Munich show just a month ago. Oh no!
  2. sujay

    Munchen High end show 2022

    Actually, the Marten room sounded nice. Clean and Punchy.
  3. sujay

    Munchen High end show 2022

    While I haven’t heard the Alsyvox with higher power SS amps, I surmise they would thrive on higher power. In my view they sounded really nice at the show......just shows potential. I think with higher power, they could well be amongst the top draw across speaker designs.
  4. sujay

    Missing show reports on High End 2022

    I ran into Peter breuninger in the Goebel room. From what I could hear him say, he really liked the sound. And the sound was good in my view as well. I also ran into Fremer, Fritz and Doug. I’m sure some reports will be out this week.
  5. sujay

    Munchen High end show 2022

    The MBL may well be special but it didn’t sound that way to me at the show, maybe because it was crowded. It sounds way better in the Singapore showroom though.
  6. sujay

    Munchen High end show 2022

    Just landed this morning back in Singapore! Of all the horns, I liked Stein most followed by Aries Cerat. The Acapella at Marriott was good too. I liked Alsyvox but they had a wimp of an amp driving it. I think it deserved better. Having said that the Alsyvox is really impressive. Clean, big...
  7. sujay

    Fellas! Show me thy Cellas!

  8. sujay

    Magico’s New Sound Room

    At the cost of trivializing, I think, fundamentally, a near field set up solves most of these issues.
  9. sujay

    Burmester 911 mk3

    Hi, while I’m not a techie either, what I understand is that the foam is indeed used for damping the caps. The rest I won’t be able to help you with. As an aside, I have heard another identical set up with the 911 stereo driving the Altria’s and they sounded amazing
  10. sujay

    Wadax Reference Dac and Server arrive

    My experience with MQA with Tidal over Roon has been the same. It most cases it sounded better than the normal file.
  11. sujay

    Burmester 909 mk5 vs Burmester 911 mk3

    Hi Lloyd, can you please do me a favor and let me know the outcome of the experiment - ie all plugged into the Torus vs source and electronics, except power amp, plugged through the 948? In my set up currently, I have plugged everything directly into my Torus 16. And I agree with you, I...
  12. sujay

    Max Townshend RIP

    May he Rest In Peace! Indeed an excellent person to deal with. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him personally as well as Mik does. But I have had the pleasure of dealing with him when I got my custom made seismic podium. A true gentleman and an excellent product, I still swear by. Sorry...
  13. sujay

    Max Townshend RIP

    Sad news indeed. May he Rest In Peace! A great guy to deal with. I still swear by his seismic podium.
  14. sujay

    How to Isolate my REL Gibraltar G!s

    Hi, I use the Townshend seismic bars and I Highly recommend you give them a try. I had the same issues in my house with two Rel G1s. I just set them up on the bars and the vibration vanished. They are really that good. I can almost certainly say your problem will get sorted. They come in...
  15. sujay

    CD Transport vs Music Server

    My experience is similar with my Burmester top loader which also uses the philips pro 2. I have had it since 2006......flawless! A month ago I just played the CDP through it’s built in DAC module and I was shocked how musical it still sounds..... it’s not at the level of my dedicated lampizator...
  16. sujay

    Robert Koda K160 Amps are on their way finally!

    Fantastic, Lloyd! And congratulations. I would love to listen to the RK full stack sometime. Indeed a blessing to be able to listen and own gear at this level. The fact that they better the Mephisto speaks volumes of finesse over brawn......not to say the Mephisto lacks finesse...but still
  17. sujay

    Found new open box KL Audio Record Cleaner on sale

    I would also go degritter.... I had KL which served me well for 4 years. Then it suddenly stopped functioning. I had a terrible time liaising with the factory in Seoul and despite all efforts they were unable to repair it. So I decided not to spend anymore time, effort and money on it. ..... For...
  18. sujay

    It Was Inevitable…

    …………..And not to mention that >50% of the price of most high end products is marketing amd distribution cost. I’m sure Kedar will agree with that
  19. sujay

    It Was Inevitable…

    I appreciate that and agree that considerable skill, effort and knowledge goes into manufacturing a high end product……one look at the Rockport Arrakis and I can understand how much effort goes into monocoque construction and how labor intensive it could be. But my point is different. To some it...
  20. sujay

    It Was Inevitable…

    I fail to understand how Nordost is any different from any other company that chooses to sell their USB cable for 10k or an amplifier company that prices it’s monobloc for 150k........surely can’t be attributable to manufacturing cost. One doesn’t need to be a metallurgist or an electrical...
  21. sujay

    Bar Brawl

    True that. Often, threads gravitate towards becoming ego gratification pursuits. As long as everyone is pouring adulation, it’s fine. The moment comments meander into negative or differing opinion territory, the defense mechanism kicks in, naturally.........and then 1000 posts later........the...
  22. sujay

    Natural Sound

    Hi Peter, Firstly, I must commend you on your incredible and continuing quest thus far in search of what you call natural sound. At the very least, it’s a labor of love. I also commend you on painstakingly chronicling your efforts. Now the question I have is a bit generic but also specific to...
  23. sujay

    Rockport Lyra

    Beautiful color! Stunning speakers....... really look forward to hearing your impressions. Must say though, the Altairs somehow looked more majestic
  24. sujay

    Rockport Lyra

    Oh it’s not about your speakers at all....was a general comment. I haven’t heard yours and I’m sure they are very good. I just feel, given my experience, even your speakers might benefit. They may well not ‘need’ them. To be fair, even as consumers we are defensive (sometimes more than the...
  25. sujay

    Rockport Lyra

    Absolutely! It’s one thing to be full range and completely another to know what the speaker outputs at 20 hz in the real world. The sub 35hz region is where I think it really helps to have a sub.
  26. sujay

    Rockport Lyra

    Based on my experience, I completely agree with you. I can understand why a speaker designer can get all defensive about his/her design. It’s human nature. And it’s not about whether a full range speaker ‘needs’ a sub. It’s about whether it benefits from one....... and in my experience it does...
  27. sujay

    New Speaker Cables

    I use the Sablon heavy gauge speaker cables. While strangely not as popular as their power cables, I believe they are excellent Value........ I have been using them for almost 2 years now and love them. don’t have the Bocch termination though, which I believe takes them notches higher. You can...
  28. sujay

    Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX First Impressions

    Wow four 909s kind of a good way. The 159 with their variable output impedance will be quite interesting to help tune the bass response.
  29. sujay

    Soulution 520/511 for Rockport

    I drive my Aviors with Burmester 911 in mono config. Haven’t tried other amps frankly. But every time I go out there, listen to stuff and come back home, I feel happy I’m back home to my rig.....

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