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    Literature re: “acoustically coupled rooms”

    Hi, L-shaped living rooms, a living room connected to a dining area via an open passage, what do room modes in such rooms look like, how does reverberation time behave? The following technical papers give answers to those questions. The papers published in “Archives of Acoustics” can be...
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    Technical literature on advanced stylus shapes

    Hi all, I intend to have a look into this issue during summer vacation, so I need stuff to read. I've got everything the AES has to offer, and some older papers from Wireless World, Gerzon's "Record wear", plus some bits 'n pieces from other places. I also printed the thread over at the...
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    Room modes in non-rectangular rooms

    Hi all, in another thread I attached a literature overview on this particular issue, which might go unnoticed, so I thought I'd just open a new thread. Klaus
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    The myth of generic optimum room dimension ratios

    Hi all, in 2012 in a thread relating to room dimension ratios Amir said: I thought I’d expand a little bit on that, so here’s a short piece I’ve prepared some time ago. In audiophile circles optimum room dimension ratios (height: width: length) such as 2:3:5, 1:1.6:2.5...
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    Introduction and Spatial Localization

    Hi all, this is my first post on What’s Best so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Klaus Rampelmann, I’m examiner (petroleum engineering) at the European Patent Office, and my interest in audio was nourished by the usual hifi mags, until about 10 years ago I discovered JAES, JASA etc...

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