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    Schnerzinger's pioneering giga canceling technology; is this for real?

    I guess the technical liner notes from this actually amazing sounding album will get a discussion going; "Small boxes with bright lights and small antennas were placed at various points throughout Rhapsody Hilversum's listening room. I must admit that I, as well as several other people in the...
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    PCM 768kHz! - 24bit - FREE TRACK from Carmen Gomes Inc.'s Ray! Album, Is this overkill or does it make sense?

    Is this overkill or does it make sense? and why not go all the way with a 32bit 768kHz file? Ray! - PCM 768kHz! - 24bit - FREE TRACK (Let The Good Times Roll) I do like the label a lot, so maybe it is time for a new DAC :) if their future releases are going to be in 768kHz.
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    double post

    double post
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    Audiophile 24bit 96khz Studio Master Files on BandCamp!

    There's excellent audiophile downloads on BandCamp. I typed Audiophile 24bit Studio Master Files BandCamp on my search engine and got excellent results; The whole Sound Liaison catalogue is available in 24/96 Flac (in some cases that is the same as the studio master) but there are also great...
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    Music Sales

    Of special interest to the audiophile community might be tracks 2, 3, 6 & 9. These tracks have been recorded using just one microphone, the Josephson C700S. The advantages of the One Microphone approach to recording are obvious: perfect imaging, great sense of depth, superior realism and phase...
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    Most beautiful jazz ballad ever played......

    Is this the most beautiful jazz ballad playing ever or what is your favorite?
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    Recommended BLACK FRIDAY Deals.

    Here are few noticeable offers: has 40% off on all albums with the coupon code; blackfriday2018. has up to 80% off on a selection of albums. has $15 up to $200 reduction...
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    Audiophile Vinyl Recommendations

    Please post your audiophile vinyl recommendations. These are my last 3 purchases, two reissues and one brand new release. This album have somehow gone unnoticed to me. All the greats are playing...
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    Black Friday Deals

    DSD Native 10% off on all downloads Hd tracks 15% off on one download Sound Liaison 50% off on 6 downloads
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    How to pay with credit card using PayPal without sharing your personal information.

    How to pay with credit card using PayPal without sharing your personal information. I found this interesting little info on the Sound Liaison site. You can pay with your credit card in PayPal but fill in random letters on the paypal registration in order to avoid robot phone calls and unwanted...
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    50% off on eClassical and Sound Liaison downloads

    Long live Christmas and the winter sales:D eClassics has 50 % off on selected recordings. and the highly praised boutique label Sound Liaison have decided that all items, regardless of format, are going for €10 or $11, that is 50% off...
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    Good Music for testing Audio Equipment

    ​My good friend and fellow audiophile Gerald k and I have made a compilation of music files which we feel are perfect for testing new equipment. We wanted to use music that we not only enjoy listening to but which also has the abillity to reveal flaws in the signal chain. I listen mostly on...

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