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    Wilson Watt 3 Tiny Tots Tweeter issue

    I think the coils are just Focus standard coils, the diaphragm is custom. His first guess was that the lead broke. Carsten
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    Wilson Watt 3 Tiny Tots Tweeter issue

    Hello sent the orig speakers out for repair. Hope that will work out. Carsten
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    Wilson Watt 3 Tiny Tots Tweeter issue

    Thanks a bunch for the referrals. Contacted Wilson, that tweeter is no longer available, they want to upgrade me to a pair of Titanium Dome tweeters : ( Carsten
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    Wilson Watt 3 Tiny Tots Tweeter issue

    Hello thanks for the replies. Unsoldered both tweeters, the good one measures 6.8 Ohms the bad one has no continuity. Anyone repair these speakers? Sorry located in the US, shipping would be prohibitive. Carsten
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    Wilson Watt 3 Tiny Tots Tweeter issue

    Hello new to the forum. Got burdened with a pair of Wilson Watt 2 Audio Puppies/ Watt 3 Tiny Tots Fired them up for the first time today. One Tiny Tot works fine, the other one seems to have a dead tweeter. Took the tweeter out, did not unsolder the internal wires, and measured across the...

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