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  1. rockhopper

    EAR Yoshino 912

    The 912 is originally designed for playback in professional studios. There are far more of them being used as such than by private buyers. Must tell you something. I purchased mine new in 2007 and have never heard anything that made me want to change. It is a one box solution with superb phone...
  2. rockhopper

    Zu loudspeakers

    I think in the USA you would say debris box or dumpster.
  3. rockhopper

    Kind regards and salutations to all

    Interesting you mentioned Duke Ellington's Back to Back. I recently found an original copy from 1960 of this record in very good condition. It sound amazing with GE VR11 cartridge from 1956 Wabash Blues never sounded so good. Happy days
  4. rockhopper

    Zu loudspeakers

    I would really like to hear them but my circumstances have really changed. I will send you a pm
  5. rockhopper

    Zu loudspeakers

    One of the reasons was that I could try them at my home in St Andrews. They just suited the room so well. Others I tried seemed to be firing at me. The ZU,s had a all enveloping sound.
  6. rockhopper

    Zu loudspeakers

    Not only new world Peter but a Montes
  7. rockhopper

    Zu loudspeakers

    The acoustical treatment was a 2014 Merlot. The sound seemed to improve as the evening went on.
  8. rockhopper

    Zu loudspeakers

    These are my Druid mk4 that I had in Scotland. Ked would remember hearing them on his visit. My room was 40 sq meters and these speakers filled the room with an image that had both height and depth. Amps were EAR 912 and 509mk2 anniversary.
  9. rockhopper

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome Tom to this fine upmarket forum. Will be interesting to read more about your latest possible amp change. R.
  10. rockhopper

    Morch dp8

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. Have used a DP8 for nearly 3 years. . Once setup it is very assured in tracking and is supreme in the bass department. I have no negatives. It just sounds wonderful. At the moment I am using a ZYX 4D with Blue dot precision wand and Benz LPS with red dot...
  11. rockhopper

    Sme 3012 R

    The 3012R has imperial threads. All you need is a 1/16th allen key for all adjustments.
  12. rockhopper

    Sme 3012 R

    I think I was not too clear. I have never found the need to use both balance weights together. The counterweight with the rider is 167 grams. Add the 77 gram balance weight as supplied standard and the total counterweight is 244 grams. I found it useful to have the balance weight from 3010R...
  13. rockhopper

    Sme 3012 R

    Lovely looking combo. Shame the balance weight is missing on the left 3012R. On ebay it is quite common for them to be offered with just the rider weight and no 77gram balance weight as was standard. A few years ago I bought a 64 gram balance weight as an extra from SME , this was for the 3010R...
  14. rockhopper

    decca Jubilee

    I use Graham Phantom with my Decca SC4E with great success. Just added a little damping fluid. Interesting cartridge which can be wired as a pure mono.
  15. rockhopper

    Tonearm Recommendations for Benz-Micro LP S

    Interesting thread. I use my LPS with a Moerch DP8 on a red dot precision wand. This is the combo recommended by Doctor Moerch. Will try the LPS on my 3012R after reading the recent posts.
  16. rockhopper

    Is Bob Graham still in business

    Good news. I had a very pleasant message from Mr Graham last Wednesday saying he was catching up with the spare parts delay. When I arrived home this evening an arm lock was in the post. What a result. He is an officer and a gentleman. My Phantom will be back in operation tomorrow. R.
  17. rockhopper

    Is Bob Graham still in business

    I am starting to regret reviving this thread on my post 33.Quite a lot of negative posts. Despite my little problem I still consider that the Phantom arm is one of the best available when you consider sound quality, ease of installation and alignment including azimuth, imho the most important...
  18. rockhopper

    Is Bob Graham still in business

    I am reviving this thread as another year has passed and I am still waiting for a replacement arm clip for my Phantom II. Either the whole thing as the picture or just the clip with instructions how to fit to the support would be helpful. When the picture was taken 12 months ago the clip had...
  19. rockhopper

    Analog Eye Candy Part Deux, Tonearms

    I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Moerch DP8
  20. rockhopper

    Is Bob Graham still in business

    No Peter he did not have a lifter in stock, he fixed the one I sent to him. The wand used to drop like a stone, it now drifts down like a feather. The cuing arm is also so much smoother in operation. The whole thing works better than when new. With a swift turnaround a real result.
  21. rockhopper

    Is Bob Graham still in business

    I had a small problem with the arm lifter on Phantom11. Sent it to Audioorigami in Glasgow and received it back within two days working better than when brand new. R
  22. rockhopper

    P2S Distance 9" Graham Elite

    217.4mm The same as the Phantom 3 R.
  23. rockhopper

    Nylon Headshell Washers.......A Headshell Headache

    I use 6mm thin s/s washers on top of the headshell, then a nylon washer directly under the head of the bolt. This washer prevents any marking of the Phantom headshell and the nylon washer gives a little bit of tension to the bolt. My Moerch DP8 is in Black paint which is easily marked but using...

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