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  1. rockitman

    (ERC Re-issue) Bach & Mozart Violin Concertos - Played by Gioconda De Vito

    You don't want to miss this re-issue. The real deal (ED1) in stereo runs $3,000-$4,000 USD. Rare as hens teeth. Only 300 will be issued. Worth every penny of the $440 asking price. This will kill the testament re-issue. I have the ED1 Mono. Sounds brilliant. The stereo should be even better. All...
  2. rockitman

    Drone Photography

    I recently picked up a DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 camera drone. Just in time for fall colors. This is my new 300 acre homestead off in the distance where my stereo will eventually reside. I am looking forward to exploring the potential of Aerial photography.
  3. rockitman

    Ferrari Monza SP

    This is SP1, one for the anti-social one seater. Only 500 being made...roughly $2 million msrp. 800+ Hp V12. No f-ing hybrid crap.
  4. rockitman

    Forum formatting screwed up since this weekend

    On iPad and PC. I also don’t see YouTube vids....only a black box
  5. rockitman

    Santa Stellavox was in Town !!!

    I am blessed to get one of these rare as hen teeth portable RTR's. All electronics gone through, repro improved, stellavox scrape flutter roller option and NOS Nortronics repro head. Sounds really good for such a small and portable deck. Runs on rechargeable NiCad AA'S and AC with the charging...
  6. rockitman

    Basement listening room. Best type of ceiling ?

    Looking for recommendations. I’m buying a new home. The basement listening room is 19’x28’x9.5’ The ceiling has flimsy drop tile. What are some beneficial options for redoing the ceiling. I am assuming drop tile type ceilings are bad for sound ?
  7. rockitman

    Best RTR NAB Hubs Ever !!!

    Who likes hearing the Revox style NAB hubs make their whiney rubber rubbing sound during quiet moments while the tape is spinning ? I don’t. These hubs attach to the reel which is then put on the reel deck spindle. Dead silent. Huge upgrade for the listening experience. Contact Greg Beron...
  8. rockitman

    Tom Petty Dead !

    WTF ? heart Attack. How sad !
  9. rockitman

    The Deuce - HBO

    Just watched the pilot. Plot....1970' sex industry 42nd St. New York. This show is awesome !!!!
  10. rockitman

    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Ordered an American Sound Turntable. Weight of the TT with two armboards is around 200kg,..440 lb.. Motor is an additional 30kg, 66lb. A true heavy weight with air bearing and no vacuum hold down. David does an excellent job of convincing one to do the best thing for their record playback. I am...
  11. rockitman

    RCA Shaded Dog (US) vs. RCA (UK) Vinyl

    For those that have the same classical title in both US RCA shaded dog and UK RCA , what's the difference ? Are their respective pressings derived from the same master tapes ? Is one more coveted (sound quality) over the other or is it title dependent ?
  12. rockitman

    MIT Oracle MA-X SHD Speaker Interfaces For Sale

    I have owned these great speaker cables for close to 3 years. They really deliver a deep sound stage with amazing bass extension. Treble and Bass extension is adjustable. They are 9/10 condition and have been used for a total of a year out of the past three I have owned them. This was MIT's...
  13. rockitman

    My new ride

    I bought this car for it's 12 cylinder roar and excellent gas mileage. :p Mileage is actually pitiful when you get on the gas in the city or country roads. I estimate about 7
  14. rockitman

    United Home Audio Phase 12 OPS-DC Reel To Reel deck goes full DC power

    I have had to keep this major upgrade secret since I did the upgrade to my deck some time ago. Now the cat's out of the bag. To be featured at RMAF.
  15. rockitman

    TechDas Air Force One Titanium Upper platter

    I was fortunate to have my friends Bobby and Joe stop by with the AF1 titanium upper platter. I currently own the duralumin and stainless platters. After doing comparisons using the same music for all three I would describe the differences as follows. Duralumin: warmer mids, some mid bass...
  16. rockitman

    Allnic Service - H5000 DHT Phono

    Most are aware something on my power supply went kaput ! It was a diode...and has been dealt with accordingly (problem wont happen again). I sent the unit to Korea on 6/13 and today it's at my door...6/23. Only 10 day turnaround. My big thanks to Allnic's (KS Park) and Albert Porter (Allnic...
  17. rockitman

    Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe

    My Allnic H5000 DHT power supply died suddenly a couple of days ago. The unit just shipped off to Korea for repair. In the meantime David K was kind enough to set me up with a Lamm demo while I am phono stageless. Listening to RTR now. I should have the Lamma Slamma by Friday. It will be an...
  18. rockitman

    Clapton - I Still Do

    Awesome blues record. 45 rpm vinyl.
  19. rockitman

    Western Electric Rectifiers - The Holy Grail

    I have tried many rectifier tube variants in my phono stage...the Allnic H5000 DHT. It is amazing that changing this pair of tubes really influences the performance of the component. I have tried literally all of them from 5U4G (3 amp filament current) to the 5R4Gy's (2 amp filament current) GZ...
  20. rockitman

    Record Store Day 2016 - What's your haul ?

    I just finished my ebay assault and picked up 5 titles.
  21. rockitman

    Tascam DA-3000 A/D vs Sound Devices 702 A/D

    Which device has the best A/D between the two for PCM ? I picked one up (702) from auction tonight and wondering if it's better for needle/tape drops. TIA
  22. rockitman

    Dave Brubeck dead at 91

    I'm playing Time Out in his honor today. Sad news. RIP Dave.
  23. rockitman

    STP's Scott Weiland Dead !

    Sad news. Always liked STP. Saw them once back in '08. Heroin is a cruel and unrelenting drug. It seems he could never escape its grasp. RIP
  24. rockitman

    Grateful Dead 24/192 download Spring 1990

    These concerts were recorded live on 24 track RTR and copied via 24/192 A/D. The band is in their prime and this is one of my favorite tours since I started attending their shows in 1985. The sound is sublime and is as good as it gets for live Dead. Select HD Flac...
  25. rockitman

    Ferrari 458 Italia

    For those interested, I snapped a few pics of my new baby...2014 458 in Nero Daytona. I don't miss the Porsche one bit. So much more feedback and fun with this car.:cool:
  26. rockitman

    OPPO and HDCD

    Does anyone know if you play an HDCD on an OPPO with HDCD enabled...using the digital coax out (OPPO as transport only), will that stream have the decoded HDCD data or will it still be encoded requiring the DAC I am plugging into to have HDCD decoding ? Thanks in advance.
  27. rockitman

    Munich Hi End 2015 pictures by My-HiEnd

    Leo never fails to impress with his pictorials of this show.年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實況報導-Munich-High-End-Show
  28. rockitman

    UHA Phase 11S - OPS upgrades

    I sent my deck back to Greg Beron for some upgrades: 1) Repro preamp upgraded to Phase 12: 2) Vari-EQ: allows boost or cut +- 4 dB for Hi-EQ. The knobs are calibrated so at the 12:00 position (5 on knob), the EQ is standard flat. This will come in handy for hot or rolled tapes. 3) Scrape...
  29. rockitman

    "Shameless" on Showtime

    Who watches this ? It is hilarious...a cross between Modern Family and the outrageousness of Family guy. Highly recommended.
  30. rockitman

    Mott The Hoople - All the Young Dudes reissue

    1972 Classic Brit Rock. The 1st issue US sounds like crap. This record ??? No sibilance, not nearly as compressed, distortion at both extremes is gone, great bass and treble with no sibilance. It sounds like how you wish it did back in the day. Must have for fans. I bought both the 180 colored...

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