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  1. Mosin

    Any use for this?

    I can think of a few... a cantilever/stylus assembly, or maybe even a Saskia spindle. ;)
  2. Mosin

    Rmaf 2015

    It's that time of the year again, so I posted to remind you who are planning to attend before all the decent hotel rooms are taken. Who is going? It would be nice if we had a dinner again, like we did in 2013.
  3. Mosin

    Partitions with Raid5? Also, thoughts for a new machine...

    Hi guys, I'm one who doesn't like to change computers often, so my practice has been to build a very good one for longterm use. Last time, 2002, I built a server grade machine. It was the cat's meow back then, but it is barely functional now because the processors lack SSE2, which is necessary...
  4. Mosin

    Heads up, and a warning.

    We need to keep a close watch on those guys with the six page toilet thread. It's getting scary! :D :D :D
  5. Mosin

    Question for Kuzma 4-Point owner

    Hi, I'm building a turntable for a customer who is getting a Kuzme 4-Point. The base has three holes, but I don't know if that is two in front with one in back, or the opposite. I need a quick answer, so your help is appreciated.
  6. Mosin

    The cookies.

    My wife, Kelly, left some cookies on the kitchen counter, so I ate three of them. They were nice and crunchy, but not too sweet. I rather liked them, actually. Later, I asked her about them, and that's when I found out that they were dog treats. Our dogs always get all the good stuff! Maybe I...
  7. Mosin

    Sometimes standard is enough.

  8. Mosin

    Do you hate bling? Do you hide new equipment from your wife?

    If so, this product is for you!
  9. Mosin

    Musical Preference by Region.

    I thought this was interesting. And, this one is connected. It is really interesting to me because it can be used to compare musical preferences between any two regions or states. People in my state, for example...
  10. Mosin

    Pete Seeger died.

    The AP wire just reported it. NEW YORK (AP) — Family: American troubadour, folk singer and activist Pete Seeger has died at age 94.
  11. Mosin

    "Deer are property of the State."

    Is that like hunting deer on the King's land?
  12. Mosin

    Amanda Knox again.

    Amanda Knox was acquitted in an Italian court, but now a higher court has overturned the acquittal. A new trial has been ordered. She says she is willing go through it all over again for some stupid reason. It begs some questions... Do the Italians just keep trying people until they get the...
  13. Mosin

    The Mayan calender ended, but there is a reason we are still alive!

    "Remember when the Earth blew up, and we moved to this planet, but they didn't tell the stupid people?" - Steve Martin :D :D :D
  14. Mosin

    Paganini boxset?

    I'm a little late in asking because I just ordered it, but does anyone have an opinion on the EMI Rabin boxset of the Paganini Caprices?
  15. Mosin

    I have a question.

    I drive along all day singing along with my Emily Loizeau CD. The only problem is that she sings in French. So, is it possible to learn a foreign language without having a clue as to what you're saying? :D
  16. Mosin

    What tonearm for turntable?

    Hi, I keep seeing posts here and there asking the reader to give suggestions for a specific tonearm for this or that model, or brand, of turntable. The only reason I can imagine for such posts would be for purposes of fit, but that never seems to be the core issue. In my world, a turntable is...
  17. Mosin

    Here's a link worth watching.

    Hi everybody, Recently, the Berklee College of Music in Boston graduated its 2012 crop of students. If you aren't familiar with the Berklee School, Google it. You will be amazed at who attended that school, and I would wager that at least one of the graduates is a favorite of yours. Anyway, the...

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