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    Controlling Music for the Entire House

    I built a house and pre-wired each room for ceiling speaker installation. All the wires come down to a closet where I was hoping to install an amp or two (or more) along with a media controller. My networking is located in the same room giving fast internet and wifi throughout the house. Any...
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    Ceiling Speakers

    I built a house and pre-wired each room for ceiling speaker installation. Now I’m trying to figure out what speakers to use. I’ve got a lot of rooms and want to use economical speakers for most rooms and great performance speakers for just one or two rooms. Any suggestions?
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    In-wall Theatre Speakers

    better or worse, I wired my basement room for installation of a 5.1 in-wall surround sound speaker system. Now I’m trying to figure out what to buy. Any recommendations on what to use? My room is about 20’ square and the back speakers are wired into the ceiling about 4’ from the back wall...

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