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    Is Wilson losing their marketing edge?

    It is just Ceasar and him trying to create fake news as usual.
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    Is Wilson losing their marketing edge?

    we have a winner :p;)
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    Jack How do you "set up" cables? :p
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    very very excited that it's arrived. I never thought I would see the day Emancipation would be released on vinyl. On side 2 and sound quality is excellent and maybe the best of the SST remasters based on 4 tracks at least fingers crossed the MPO pressings are OK all the way through
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    Sme 3012 R

    LOL. What's the difference between a tyre and 300 used condoms? One is a good year and the other is a really good year :p
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    New iPhone 11 announced

    In Australia Huawei were contracted to build the 5G network. Then pressure from big daddy USA had the govt change their minds and ban Huawei from building the 5G network - security concerns :rolleyes:
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    New iPhone 11 announced

    That's because they are from the new cold war enemies of the USA. China :eek: If Wal-Mart rebranded them, it would all be ok.
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    New iPhone 11 announced

    LOL. they make more phones than Apple and only behind Samsung as no2 in the world.
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    New iPhone 11 announced

    Gotta admit my S10 is not much better than the S8, except for the brilliant triple lens on the S10. The speed of the camera is so much better as well, especially into low light. Heaps of functions I have not used yet. You will enjoy the additional flexibility of the triple camera's on the...
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    New iPhone 11 announced

    Steve. 3 camera's is nothing new on phones. Samsung and Huawei have had them for a while now.
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Cocteau Twins ‎– Blue Bell Knoll. original 1988 4AD UK release. sublime album
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    Top Wing Seiryu arrives at Believe High Fidelity

    May I ask how does one get to a retail price of $16,500 when elsewhere in the world the same cartridge is almost half this price?
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Everything But The Girl ‎– Walking Wounded. original UK pressing. I see this is being reissued - about time.
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    One of a kind headphone experience. The million dollar headphone system

    LOL. Looks like it with all the rubber trailings.
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    S O H N ‎– Tremors. 2014 debut album on 4AD. Down tempo synth pop. Stunning musically with audiophile sound quality and excellent pressing by Optimal Germany.

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