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Luxman 590 axii Dynaudio Spcl 40 Spatial m30 Triodes Spendor Sp2 and 3's Tetra 305 speakers Carver 275 Audio Research d400mk2 Audio Research d240 mk2 Thorens Td 166 mk2 Aurender acs10 Ps Audio DSD dac Crown 824 Reel Nak 505 Nak zx7 Mara Mci Jh110 Reel (2 of them) Ps Audio P15 and P3 Power Plant Moon 260 cd player



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  • What’s Best Forum is THE forum for high end audio, product reviews, advice and sharing experiences on the best of everything else. This is THE place where audiophiles and audio companies discuss vintage, contemporary and new audio products, music servers, music streamers, computer audio, digital-to-analog converters, turntables, phono stages, cartridges, reel-to-reel tape machines, speakers, headphones and tube and solid-state amplification. Founded in 2010 What’s Best Forum invites intelligent and courteous people of all interests and backgrounds to describe and discuss the best of everything. From beginners to life-long hobbyists to industry professionals, we enjoy learning about new things and meeting new people, and participating in spirited debates.

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