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    Spectral amps and lifting their grounds

    I did not. When I first encountered the hum/ground loop, I tried a cheater plug. It worked, but was ugly and being a typically insecure audiophile, I worried if the SQ suffered (how could it not, there are no $1,500 cheater plugs :-). So, I surmised that removing the ground on the inside of...
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    Spectral amps and lifting their grounds

    Yes. Remove the ground lead, enclose it with electrical tape and bend it backward out of the way.
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    Spectral amps and lifting their grounds

    I have always (for DMA 360, DMA 360 Series 2, DMA 400RS and now DMA 500AR) as suggested above, simply disconnected the ground at the socket. Works like a charm, and sounds quite good to my ears.
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    RIP - Heartfelt thanks to Paul Chambers of Goodwin's High End!

    This is really sad news. I last saw Paul about a year ago, on my most recent visit to Goodwins. I was in town on business and dropped in to listen to the new Nagra HD X DAC. As has been noted, he was ever the polite, patient professional. Condolences to Paul's family and to his family at...
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    What nice wines did you taste this weekend?

    This past weekend seemed like a good time to check in on 2000 Bordeaux First Growths: they did not disappoint
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    Spectral's website

    Anyone know if there will be an upgrade path for V1?
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    Spectral's website

    Sounds like you might have been at Music Lovers in Berkeley or at the Spectral facility in the South Bay?
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    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

    Don't mean to hijack the thread, but does anyone know the two components (or perhaps a single component with two boxes) on top of the two racks at the left end and the next one in?
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    Spectral's website

    Agreed. These amps deserve more profile than they have received, and hopefully this is a regular production model that many folks will get the chance to hear. When I dropped them into my system, it may have been the biggest improvement I have ever heard from any single component. They...
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    Spectral's website

    Not sure that is the case as the "SV" circuit design is relatively recent and using "SV" in a product name just signifies the product is based on that circuit, afaik. In any event, the 30SV has been out for a number of years without an externally recognized update, such as a mk II, and with all...
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    Spectral's website

    Seems like the 30SV pre is due for a refresh, no?
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    First Hand Experience in Comparing: Totaldac D-1 Twelve Mk II; MSB Select II or Reference and/or Nagra HD DAC X?

    Hello All, I am looking at upgrading to one of the DACs mentioned above, and would love to hear comments and thoughts from anyone who has been fortunate enough to hear any two of them and can offer perspective on how they compare to each other. Regards, Baird
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    Having a "You are there " compared to "They are here " system

    This hits the nail on the head, at least in my experience. As someone who used to record live music (mostly jazz) as an amateur, my experience was that a recording made with a single stereo pair of mics in an ORTF configuration always captured more of the venue than did close mic recordings...
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    Audio hobby is like tasting wine.

    Lots of parallels between wine and audio, including neophytes claiming they are not able appreciate the difference between the ok stuff and the really good stuff. I often respond to such statements by telling them that so long as their ears/palate work properly, they are perfectly capable of...

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