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    Vitus SIA-030

    So if the SIA-30 is Vitus's new top of the line Integrated, then what is this?
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    A nice video of the debut.
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    It could be that the WAMM is fast approaching the end of its limited production run and so time for a new flagship to carry the torch.
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    Interesting, McIntosh makes more in revenues than Wilson? You are right, it is very niche though I imagine the Asian market is probably the biggest for all the major high end players.
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    Never mind, answered my own question about the exposed metal and if painted or not. In dark colors the contrast with the metal must be striking.
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    Liking the exposed sides as a design feature. Will the exposed metal be painted or not? It looks painted on the white prototype in the last pic but not in the earlier one.
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    So a new flagship speaker then, the sub section looks deeper than the XLF. Do not see how the XLF continues to exist between Alexx and this. Interesting metal brace color, the black metal is a nice contrast.
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    Just speculating here, per Wilson, the WAMM is going to be production limited. Maybe Wilson saw a stronger niche market out for the WAMM than they thought. So create a new product line that is close to ( may sound better due to the break through in caps), and more room friendly (less imposing)...
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    Another Absolute Sound Review or Preview

    Seems like FM, as stated in the article, are starting to warm up to limited reviews of its products to remind the world there was FM before Soulution and CH...
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    Whatever happened to this speaker?
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    The Absolute Sound review FM Interesting quote- "The truth is that FM’s reticence with the press may have cost it some marketshare, as the newer companies...
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    FM Acoustics 711 MK 3

    FM doesn't debut new products often, here is a version of their popular amplifier.
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    The new Magico M6, M Pro replacement
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    The new affordable A-series from Magico
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    The new affordable A-series from Magico

    $5K to $10K speaker segment is very crowded, I hope they offer something that stands out. Wander what the book shelf version will be priced at.

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