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    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    For those lucky audiophiles who own CH M10 amps, which amp stands are you using with the M10? Why?
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    Just arrived my M10 (4Boxes) & L10 (2 Boxes )

    Congrats! I see that you are mixing Finite Elemente Pagode and SRA bases for the M10 control and power units. How do you compare the sound of these bases for the M10 control and power units? Thanks.
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    I am using the Sablon ethernet cable. So far I have compared with four other cables, some costing 10x more, and it is still the best.
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    I used to have a pair of Dunlavy SC-V with dome midranges. Great speakers, loved them. Sold in 1998 to purchase a pair of SC-VI, which are even better than the SC-V, especially for the vocals, lower frequencies (below 30hz), and dynamics.
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Marcin, Do you use the stainless steel version under all compontents? or also use the brass version? Did you compare the sound of the stainless steel vs. brass? Thanks, VPN
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    Hello Tdh888, Good idea! I will contact him. I read about the new version of the princess and the senator. Seems like he is developing a new version of the sovereign too. The new Princess seems to be priced around US$50K. He is sticking to the John Dunlavy principles, but using...
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    Hello Brent, Some of the owners of Dunlavy speakers are engineers (like me), have knowledge about crossovers, speaker design, measurement etc and are willing to take the risk to mod Dunlavy Speakers. This is certainly not for everyone. There has been evolution in speaker drivers since the...
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    Hello, Did anyone find a better midrange to replace the Vifa M13SG-09-08 used (at least) in the SC-I, SC-IVa, and SC-VI? The trick here is to find a midrange that has a similar rollof at the high frequencies, because of the low pass 1st order filter. The extension of the lower frenquencies...
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    REL No. 25

    Congratulations! What did you hear as the contribution of the pair of REL 25 to your system?
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    Bebop86, Are the speakers toed-in so you only see their front, don´t see their sides? At this position you will usually have the most air, you can decrease the toe in if it is too much. I have not heard the cables you are using, so I have no idea how they sound. I recommend the Kubala...
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    Hello Bebop86, I understand that the tweeter and midrange used in the SC-VI are the same used in the SC-IVa and SC-I. I don't know which tweeter is used in the SC-V, don't know would it integrates with the SV-V midrange (which is different from the SC-VI), and don't know the topology and...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Fellow audiophiles that have experience with the TG M12 Gold switch, I currently connect my fiber cable modem (powered by a good LPS) directly to the Innuos Zenith Statement, and it sounds great. I have never tested an audiophile switch (and it would be difficult to test before purchasing...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    What is the price of the M12 Gold Switch in the USA?
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    Hello Jeffrey, For a description, please see my post (#42) on this tread. For photos: Cheers, VPN
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    Not exactly "vintage" but Dunlavy's literally rock

    I had a SC-V for three years (1995-1998), and then purchased a SC-VI (1998) which I still use (with lots of mods). I heard a SC-IVa at a dealer. IMHO, If you have a decent size room, the SC-V is much better than the SC-IVa. What matters in terms of sound is that the drivers be in good...

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