Reading, writing, music (especially on vinyl), high-end audio, photography, computing.
Sep 18, 1967 (Age: 52)
Kelowna, BC
The Place To List Your Gear
Analogue sources: Forsell Air Reference Mk 2 turntable and arm; Lyra Atlas MC cartridge; Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck
Phono stage: Audio Research PH8
Line stage: Audio Research LS27
Power amps: PrimaLuna ProLogue Seven monoblocks
Speakers MartinLogan Spire
Cables: Nordost Frey interconnects and speaker cables; stock AC cords
Accessories: Furman Elite 15-PFi power conditioner; Target audio racks; SolidSteel amp stands; accessories by Audio Physik, Last, and The Cartridge Man.
Publisher of Vinylphile Magazine




Rich Teer, Publisher
Vinylphile Magazine


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