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    iFi audio ZEN Stream - The Official Thread

    I have seen several youTube reviewers claiming significant sonic gains were achieved by using linear power supplies with the Zen streamer. One Zen Streamer user stated that the Zen Stream competed sonically to a Innuos Zen Mini even with the upgraded Innuos power supply, if this is the case...
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    Holo Audio May KTE Dac

    I just saw review from Golden Sound where he reviewed a Holo Audio May KTE Wildson Version of the DAC. Anyone have any idea of what this edition is? I just ordered my DAC and I did not see that addition as an option.
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    Constellation Audio Inspiration INTEGRATED 1.0 experiences?

    Hi Joe, that’s great question. And I’ve considered both units. What I ended up buying was something that sounds pretty spectacular, that being the Mola Mola Kula. It sounds like a blend of solid state and tubes and the on board Dac is the same as their 13k Tambaqui. I have compared a half a...
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    Holo Audio May KTE Dac

    I’m interested in the KTE. I have two questions that would help me in my decision. Is the warranty transferable? I’m tight on space so I don’t really want to separate the power supply from the DAC but if they sound better separated. Do they need to be separated for best sound?
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    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    My DAC has 300 music hrs on. I can’t say I’ve heard any change after the first 24hrs. Maybe someone could provide clarity on the warranty regarding tube rolling. I can’t remember the specifics, but in general, my take away from the owners manual is that it’s a requirement to get approval on...
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    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    Now that my Baltic 3 is into a month of service, I have several lingering questions. Some tube enthusiasts never leave their tube equipment on when they are away or over night due to safety concerns. Yes, I know tubes last a long in Lampizators, that being said I am still wondering if B3...
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    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    Just installed the new Baltic 3 two back. Pretty darn good after just two days of run in. I expected a silver front with a black chassis and to my surprise I received a silver front with a silver chassis. Really I’m pretty thrilled, it looks great. it’s slightly more industrial looking in all...
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    Looking for a more organic dac

    This year I decided to replace my ten year old Bel Canto DAC because it was dated technology and a three chassis front end (DAC, power supply, and SPDiF converter) that took up too much space, so I needed to reclaim the shelf space and upgrade. I started the Bel Canto replacement journey...
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    Lampizator Gain Problem

    In my Amber 3 there is bit of a performance drop.In the lower gain switch. Do you notice much if any sonic compromise in the low gain position with the B3?
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    Mola Mola Kula, a one box amplification solution?

    From what I understand Bruno Putzeys developed a new module for the Kula.
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    Mola Mola Kula, a one box amplification solution?

    I am looking for one box solution for amplification. After hearing and being very impressed by the new Purifi Eigentakt Stereo Amplifier I’ve become interested in what the Mola Mola Kula might sound like. Anyone have experience listening to this 13k integrated? I considered posting this on the...
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    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    I am very excited about the new DAC. Thanks for the those tube references. I’ve just started to explore and read a little bit, at least enough to get in trouble. Will the RCAs retain their 10,000 hr life expectancy from the voltage output of the 6SN7 position on Baltic 3?
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    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    Ok, my brain is nearly exploding, but this tube rolling will be a real adventure!
  14. Vangelis

    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    I just placed my order for the Baltic 3. this is new to me and I have not admittedly read all the postings so I’m not clear on most of the tube rolling. Could you tell me which tubes have been your current favorite choice for each of the three positions.

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