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    twintech liked Marcus's post in the thread Kuzma Stabi M.
    I don't own Stabi M (I own XL4) but have heard it many, many times at Franc's place. This is a great turntable. You can't go wrong with...
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    One of my customers who purchased an XL4 along with an Air Line and a 4Point seems intrigued with the Stabi M and could wind up using...
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    Hi Mike, I am in the throws of trying to purchase one of these lovely record weights but...I can't seem to get a clear answer on the...
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    Interesting that you mention the Kuzma XL DC, which I happen to own. Out of all of the belt drives I've had the opportunity to...
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    IMO great choice. :cool: The Kuzma Stabi M looks new school - old school fantastic. Have not compared them directly but I bet the M...
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    The origin of the idler magic? its that direct connection between a strong torque motor and heavy platter. No belts streching and wobble...
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    twintech replied to the thread In praise of idlers.
    Yes, I have heard the amazingly good Kuzma XL DC, and for me it was a really tough choice between that and the Stabi M, they are closer...

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