The tube lair in beautiful Rock Hill, SC
The Place To List Your Gear
RACK - Customized 5 shelf Empire rack in Satin Oil Rubbed Bronze finish
CD/SACD - Marantz Reference Series SA-7S1, Nerve Audio PC and Transparent Reference IC's to Pre –
TT - Music Hall MMF-5 w/ Goldring 1012Gx cart, Joe's "The Clamp", isolation footing, the 25th Anniversary Edition Nitty Gritty Mini Pro Dual side Record Cleaning Machine in Jatoba finish and optional smoked acrylic cover. The "Shark" steam cleaner for additional cleaning effectiveness and superior LP playback performance. Jolida JD9 Mark II tubed phono pre w/ Tung Sol Gold-Pin 12AX7 Tubes, Analysis Plus Power Oval 10 PC and Transparent Reference IC's to Pre–
SERVER - Auralic Vega G2 NAP w/Shunyata PC - Transparent Reference IC's to Pre-
PRE - Canary C800 MK-II tubed pre with separate chassis tubed power supply via Transparent Reference IC's to –
AMP - Musical Fidelity KW750 Dual Mono SS amplifier, Transparent Music Wave Ultra SC's to –
CROSSOVER - The crossovers have been removed from the cabinets and were part of a 3
The Place To List Your Reference Tracks
and a half year project from design to finished product. Completely custom. A cabinet enclosure was manufactured from scratch to hold three levels of crossover components. 1st level, the original crossovers that came with the speakers. 2nd level, the tweeter network with all VR3 Abott series upgrades (his top tier line but with Path Audio shielded resistors). 3rd level, VR3 Abott series upgrade bass and mid-bass network. This is actually two crossover networks in one enclosure so we can very rapidly change from the original crossovers that came with the speakers to the upgraded crossovers. Custom aircraft aluminum chassis with independently suspended/isolated shelves, powder coated black and spiked w/ custom umbilical cord to speakers with NL4 connections to –

SPEAKERS - Tyler Acoustics Lynbrook Signature Series one piece towers in Ribbon Mahogany built by Ty Lashbrook. The speakers have been completely disassembled and rebuilt/finished from the ground up, resealed, damping material
Construction rehab manager


In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence.

The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to a good analogue reproduction.




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