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    Analog Magik

    Great! How do those of us with v1 upgrade? Found it! Here‘s the upgrade info in the FAQs.
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    Listening rooms and doors

    Just to tie things together…
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    My room is finally done, with thanks to Kingrex!

    Damon, it should be reassembled in a bit less than two weeks. My new equipment rack should be ready toward the end of next week.
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    The Endeavor Reference Edition

    Congrats, Damon and Leif! The SE is IMO a pinnacle achievement at its price point. Bringing its goodness to a wider audience? Wow. :D
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    Endeavor SE Impressions & Recommendations

    @qwaszxxx, sorry my reply is late, but I can only chime in with what everyone has said so far. During almost 30 years of listening to pure musical bliss in my house, with my previous speakers, I could find nothing in other speakers that made me consider a change. And that’s having listened to...
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    My room is finally done, with thanks to Kingrex!

    Thank you, Ron. Your own travels in getting a sound room together have been interesting and enlightening.
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    My room is finally done, with thanks to Kingrex!

    I’m afraid not. All of the wiring goes through the attic (here in FL), and the wall where the box is located has just about zero room to try and U-turn wires from the bottom of the box back around to shoot up to the attic. I had considered that, but it was really not a possible option. Not sure...
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    My room is finally done, with thanks to Kingrex!

    This post has been a long time in the making. My sound room, short of equipment placement and sound treatment, is now complete. I’d like to thank everyone here who, knowingly or not, helped me with various comments I’d read over the years about you all improving your own rooms. Most especially...
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    Footers or platform isolation

    I’m considering the very same rack! Let us know what you think of it once you have it in place.
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    Audiophile electrician?

    Took a while, but I found what I hope to be a good electrician. But what’s more important is that Rex (@Kingrex) has kindly accepted my request to design my sound room distribution! :D Rex is designing the whole thing, from the secondary subpanel to the outlets (I’m picking the outlets :) )...
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    Amp Isolation Recommendations

    @gleeds, do you mean Adona Audio Solutions?
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    So What's Going On With Von Schweikert Audio???

    Hey, you stole my speakers!!! :D:D:D;) It was great seeing the whole crew at the Florida show, Damon. And congrats - the Ultra 7’s were a knockout! Not as good as my E SEs of course (just kidding! :)), but they’ll do very nicely.
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    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    I mentioned this in another thread, but well, here it is. :D The production VPI Avenger Direct, serial #0001. The second pic shows the motor controls, but was taken before it was all put together.
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    Turntable setup advice needed for newbie with top cartridges

    Understood. In my case I can only go by what the totality of everything tells me in the final listening. Examining a cart with the Dinolite even before setup. Tracking force. Proper setup with a SMARTractor or similarly good tool. In my case a check with my SW tool of choice, usually checked as...
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    Turntable setup advice needed for newbie with top cartridges

    Mikey, I don’t wish to bash either product, but I guess I’ll say IME I’ve found that the results from AM line up better with what I hear, but that just could be me. I also use direct measuring instruments including a Dinolite AM3013T, plus just listening for final refinement. I’m not saying only...

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