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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    The Grand Master Equalizer is very sensitive to vibration. I tried many different footers and isolation methods and now end up using Accurion i4 active isolation platform for the main unit and Stillpoints Ultra 5 for the power supply. This combination gives the best sound in my system. The...
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    Allnic H7000 vs ARC Ref2(SE) ?

    I use Tung Sol black plate 6550 for my ARC Ref 10 preamp and Ref 10 phonostage. Tung Sol black plate is the best.
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    Breaking news from DCS….

    I got my Apex upgrade last week. The sound is just improved in every aspect I can think of. The resolution is much enhanced without any harshness. In fact it is smooth and natural. The Apex DAC is a big step forward over the original Ring DAC. dCS has done a great job, I am very happy with the...
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    Magico M9

    Below is an expensive Persian carpet. It is thin and refined but not very good in absorbing sound. On top is a standard thick carpet you can find in IKEA, it is much cheaper and can protect in the expensive one below, more importantly, it is effective in absorbing sound.
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    I like Grand Master more. It doesn’t mean Etsuro Gold is not good but Grand Master is just a little more natural.
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    Etsuro Gold MC Cartridge in house

    The turntable is TechDAS Air Force Zero and it is original version SAT tonearm on the right.
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    New SME Flagship Model 60

    Less user friendly means less business. This is not a great business model.
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    Record weight for Techdas AF3P

    The TechDAS disc stabiliser is no good, the tungsten ultimate is very good and very expensive. I have tried them all. After trying a lot of different weights, I designed and manufactured my own. It is better than anything in the market at a fraction of the price...
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    It is human behaviour to doubt a new technology, particularly when there is nothing wrong with MC cartridges. DS Audio optical cartridge has its disadvantages, such as closed system and limited choice of equalisers. The irony is much of this criticism comes from someone using iPhone which...
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    My Grand Master is mounted on SAT tonearm. After some trial and error, I find Grand Master prefers medium to heavy arms. Although the weight of Grand Master is only 8 gram, its suspension is not tuned to light mass tonearm. I have to add extra weight of the headshell of SAT to increase its...
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    I have tried DS Audio Master 1 and Grand Master with Grand Master equalizer. Grand Master is much better. By natural, it means more real, more smooth. Listening to vocal, you feel more realistic, just like the singer in singing in front of you. I don't have much experience with reel to reel...
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    I tend to agree with DDK. Grand Master sounds more natural and tape like than other cartridges that I have. Etsuro Gold is my favorite MC cartridge, it is more lively and more vivid than Grand Master but it cannot beat GM completely. MC cartridge sounds better in upper midrange to treble while...
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    New SME Flagship Model 60

    I was told by local dealer that SME has invited dealers around the world to go to UK for the launch premiere event of its new flagship Model 60 later this month. So far, no information about Model 60 has been released yet, but it will be available soon.
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    AF3P pump / power supply unit

    Although not exactly related to the topic, it would be helpful for any Air Force user to know the effect of increasing the volume of air reserviors. I have tried to add one litre lab bottles to my AF1P. The air pressures used in Air Force both in vacuum and float are fairly small. There is no...
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    Breaking news from DCS….

    I was told the official announcement of Apex upgrade is scheduled on the end of February

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