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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    The louder the better.
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    Videos: Show me MALE vocals

    Gotta' crank it...
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    Fellas! Show me thy Cellas!

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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Classic of classics.
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Certainly not what I'd consider superior-engineered recordings but still fun when volume is cranked.
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    Post your female vocal videos

    Thanks, Chet. Much appreciated.
  7. stehno

    Post your female vocal videos

    Sure. But as you probably know, there's the philosophical side as well as the physical side to building a system and when it comes to performance the philosophical side far outweighs the physical. IOW, even just an unbox, plug'n play system is a philosophy, right? So if I just shared with you...
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Well, yes and no. What I hear from your Youtube videos easily surpasses numerous other videos but some of us much prefer listening to what's in the recording. Whereas, you're really only offering us a "pick your poison" option. From that perspective, yes, I enjoy your poison more than the...
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    I don’t mind, Peter. Let’s see…. Well, both of Bonzo’s videos had sound coming out of both channels and both channels were fairly balanced so I call these two videos a big win already. :) But seriously, I thought the 1st video #263 was reasonably pleasant and musical. Especially when...
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Sure, Peter. Any particular reason why these two recordings? Why don't you share your thoughts on them and then I'll do likewise?
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Radically different sound comparisons, fer sure. One sounds rather dead while the other sounds rather alive. I much prefer your system’s sound for pure enjoyment. However, if accuracy is the purpose of compiling a high-end system to listen to recordings, then both system fall perhaps equally...
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    It wasn't just a lie. It was fraud through and through and not just Stuart fulfilling his childhood dream, but everybody associated with MQA and its promotion inclduing a couple of record labels and of course a couple of wholesale sell-out editors-in-chief. And from what I hear the fraudulent...

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