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    Shakti Hallographs..

    I got a great deal on them, otherwise I would have passed. I too was dialed in as far the listening room goes, so I went in with a closed mind, so to speak. I was more than surprised with the results, to say the least. Hope you enjoy what they bring you.
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    Shakti Hallographs..

    I added two pairs of Hallographs to an already fully treated room (RealTraps, RPG, ASC), expecting to try them out and likely resell them. A year later, and they haven't moved. Almost work like a passive EQ. More meat on the bone, more ambient space. Experiment with placement, as I found that...
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    Just Purchased Sonus Faber Oylmpica III's - Need Advice On Best Amplifier Options

    Sorry to hear that they didn't work for you. Cables are definitely a synergistic beast, not a cure all for every system to be sure.
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    Just Purchased Sonus Faber Oylmpica III's - Need Advice On Best Amplifier Options

    I hope you'll find the Heimdall's to your liking with the S.F.'s. Congrats.
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    Just Purchased Sonus Faber Oylmpica III's - Need Advice On Best Amplifier Options

    Nothing wrong with the Heimdall 2's. I had those for awhile with the Olympica III's, and they work great together. When a very good deal for Valhalla's came up, I upgraded. Same basic signature, just more of it.
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    Just Purchased Sonus Faber Oylmpica III's - Need Advice On Best Amplifier Options

    I drive my Olympica III's with a Pass Labs X250.8. Excellent match and I seriously couldn't be happier. Without knowing what preamp or front end you're using, a wholesale recommendation is difficult, but a used X150.8 would be within your budget, and could possibly be a very nice pairing.
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    Replacing my Ref 3

    I made the same exact progression and see it exactly the same way. Very nice upgrade and definitely something to consider now that quite a few appear to be dumping out of it for the REF6. Oh....and I previously had a pair of ML Summit X's and the 5SE sounded splendid with them, as they do now...
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    Price Of Gas

    $2.04 a gallon in NorCal at Costco this morning.
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    Olympica III

    When/if you get the Faber's, try your amps with them anyway. Although neither are of OTL design, my amps I have here don't really shine into impedances south of 4 ohms, they both sound damn good through the Olympica III's. You'll know if your GRAAF's won't cut it if the upper bass region is a...
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    Olympica III

    I've owned the Olympica III's for about two months now. I can't possibly see a scenario where you'd be disappointed in them. They are that good. I sold my pair of Summit X's for them...and don't regret the decision for a moment. Just a extremely well-balanced sounding loudspeaker that never...
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    Time For Everyone's Oscar Predictions

    I agree with your for Best Actor. I think Eddie Redmayne will get the nod. Moore, Simmons, and Arquette are as big a locks as I can remember in a long time.
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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    The only way I see Manny winning this fight is if the judges that night value being busy over effectiveness. Floyd will be able to time Pacquiao's lunges, and potshot the straight right over Manny's left lead and pile up the rounds. Mayweather's defense will be the difference. If Manny is able...

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