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    Vivid Kaya 45

    I picked the line back up recently :cool:
  2. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    The Kaya 45s are set up so now the break in begins.
  3. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    We just received our demo pair. I will have them up and running this weekend :)
  4. Scott W

    Welcome to Graham Audio

    I just received my demo pair of Graham/Chartwell LS6 and they sure are beautiful.
  5. Scott W

    Graham Audio and On A Higher Note

    I think the ones at Philip's house are the Graham/Swisstone LS3's.
  6. Scott W

    Graham Audio and On A Higher Note

    My demo Graham LS6's in rosewood are due in today. :D
  7. Scott W

    YG introduces Hailey 2 Series

    The retail price of the Hailey 2.2 is $46,800.
  8. Scott W

    Small/Tiny DACs

    Mola-Mola Tambaqui, he is a cutie.
  9. Scott W

    Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy audition near Dallas

    I am an EA dealer and have a pair of Mini 2's and a customer with a killer sounding pair of MM3's. You are welcome to come over and hear either or both.
  10. Scott W

    New gear from MIT coming soon

    • We redesigned the Z Powerbar, to the Z Powerbar II. This brand new design includes adjustable PFC (Power Factor Correction) switches on the face plate. This pair of switches allow the user to adjust power factor coming from the wall. This improves efficiency for every component and results in...
  11. Scott W

    Alison Moyet ! ! !

    Love them too :cool:
  12. Scott W

    Alison Moyet ! ! !

    That's true Tang. Most of my friends were listening to the Cars, ELO, Styx, Van Halen, ZZ Top and so was I, but I also loved Tears For Fears, Howard Jones, Thompson Twins, OMD, etc..
  13. Scott W

    Alison Moyet ! ! !

    Thanks NorthStar for correcting the picture :D

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