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    Vivid Kaya 45

    I worked with an acoustician and my demo room is well treated with RPG BAD panels and modex plates mainly(no over damping). No DSP for me either. It would be a great idea for you to hear the Kaya 45s in my treated room. I can also let you hear the G1s standing next to the Kaya 45s. I have...
  2. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    If you make it to Dallas you are welcome to come by and hear the Kaya 45's. I also have a Mola Mola Kaluga with DAC you can hear. I don't have an M-900u but I can get my hands on a M-600 that you could hear in my demo room.
  3. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    I have actually found the side firing woofers can sometimes provide better placement flexibility over a front firing woofer. And you get two woofers per speaker in a very compact design.
  4. Scott W

    Record Diggers, a lifestyle.

    Very interesting. These guys are doing some amazing work.
  5. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    These little guys have a very big open sound even with a giant beside them.
  6. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    I picked the line back up recently :cool:
  7. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    The Kaya 45s are set up so now the break in begins.
  8. Scott W

    Vivid Kaya 45

    We just received our demo pair. I will have them up and running this weekend :)
  9. Scott W

    Welcome to Graham Audio

    I just received my demo pair of Graham/Chartwell LS6 and they sure are beautiful.
  10. Scott W

    Graham Audio and On A Higher Note

    I think the ones at Philip's house are the Graham/Swisstone LS3's.
  11. Scott W

    Graham Audio and On A Higher Note

    My demo Graham LS6's in rosewood are due in today. :D
  12. Scott W

    YG introduces Hailey 2 Series

    The retail price of the Hailey 2.2 is $46,800.
  13. Scott W

    Small/Tiny DACs

    Mola-Mola Tambaqui, he is a cutie.

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