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    Garrard 401

    I look forward to seeing pics of your completed Garrard 401 as well as the rest of your stereo. Will you be going vintage on the cartridge as well? If not, maybe a new cartridge from the Audio Technica line. Anthony
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    New Reel to reel from Analogue audio France TR1000

    and the Thorens TM 1600 that debut at High-End Munich Show
  3. Scar972

    Progression pre with Classic Stereo 1

    I'm also a Classic Stereo 1 owner. Did you end up trying the Progression pre? would like to hear your thoughts
  4. Scar972

    D’Agostino Master Power Classic Stereo Amplifier

    I'm still using my D'Agostino Classic Stereo and loving it! They came out with a new more modern faceplate (Classic 2) that I have the opportunity to buy for under a grand but I really like the original with Dan's signature engraved on the front a lot better. It's not often to see a legendary...
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    King-Cello tape repro with added meters and pots

    No Charlie, you know I'm very happy with the King Cello ;), it's a piece I've come to appreciate the longer I own it. For me, the Aux input on the vu meter box is just an extra add on that is really unnecessary. I tested it out of curiosity but it's not something I need or use.
  6. Scar972

    King-Cello tape repro with added meters and pots

    I have also wondered if the King Cello would sound better without the vu meters. After multiple times disconnecting and reconnecting the vu meter cable, I can report that I wasn’t able to consistently tell the difference so I left the vu meters in place. There’s also a AUX input on the back of...
  7. Scar972

    King-Cello tape repro with added meters and pots

    That looks fantastic, Mike! You will not regret adding the ability to adjust the HF/LF and the VU meters are pretty sweet too. Let us know how it performs after you have it dialed in. Anthony
  8. Scar972

    Studer a807 arrived

    Congrats Kodomo, those are excellent machines!
  9. Scar972

    Studer A820 in for repair!

    Thanks for the comments, I'm also using a King Cello and are really happy with the results. I may start looking for the trafoless cards for my A810. Where are you guys finding these cards and costs, ebay I assume? Anthony
  10. Scar972

    Studer A820 in for repair!

    Can someone comment more on the superiority of these Trafoless output cards compared to stock cards.
  11. Scar972

    Original retail prices of Studer tape decks

    They were all at least the price of a new car in their day, and much more for the A820. While the price for Studer has been going up for the last few years, they are still worth acquiring.
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    Original retail prices of Studer tape decks

    Urs, thank you for the links. According to this website, the A807 were $12,500. Someone once told me the A810 were around $22,000. No idea how much the A80 and A820 were. I'm surprised no one has chimed in with even a ballpark...
  13. Scar972

    Original retail prices of Studer tape decks

    What were the original retail prices for Studers most popular models such as the A820, A80, A810, A807, etc. I know the most economical A807 were still going for over 12K at time of release.
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    A reference level tape....thank you!

    On the recommendations of members here on WBF, I ordered a couple of tapes from UltraAnalog Recordings (Ed Pong's company). I must say that I'm not really a fan of classical music and can't comment on the technicalities of these performances, but the music itself is extremely enjoyable. I find...
  15. Scar972

    New Release from Edward Pong; stunning sonics!

    Mike, thank you for turning us to this terrific recording! I just listened to Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 3 Sarasate Zigeunerweisen and the detail, clarity, and dynamic contrast of this recording is unreal! still hoping to get Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 1 in a few weeks. I'm listening thru...

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