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    Grandioso K1X - the two Esoteric "Revolutions" installed!

    Nice review, same 4 power transformers ... still no outside shielding .
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    Grandioso K1X - the two Esoteric "Revolutions" installed!

    You think it sounds good now, try some Mu Metal around the outside of ALL the Power transformers. My K1 has 4 , results were night and day on the sound. I can see why the separate components sound better, less interaction with all the A/C power transformers in...
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    The Dereneville Turntable Motor

    Drive belt height on the DAE-01 SP is: 128 MM center. A bit high for the Micro Sieki RX-5000 . DMS - 5001 , drive belt height is : 83 MM center DAE-01-CL drive belt height is 90 MM Center
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    The Dereneville Turntable Motor

    For my Micro Seiki RX-5000... Best overall performer between the two motor drives. DAE-01-CL with the outboard power supply.... Or DMS- 5001 ?
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    The Dereneville Turntable Motor

    Prices for the DAE-01 and 24 volt power supply? Also price and source for the DMS-5001
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    Grandioso K1X - the two Esoteric "Revolutions" installed!

    How was the shielding done? What interconnects are you using ? Power cord ? Also modded my friends K03... did transformer shielding and a few other tricks, sounds much better . PM me .
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    Headphone King of Soundstage?

    My Focal Utopia headphones matched up very well with the Pass Labs HPA-1 amp. Depending on your music source, I found they image very well, sound stage is not giant by any means , but very enjoyable . Smooth and detailed , very lush sounding , zero hash, nor glare...
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    Headphone King of Soundstage?

    Well.... found a killer deal on a next to new Focal Utopia headphones . Stock headphone cable sucked, went with the Black Dragon cable. After 200 Hours of break in, things are starting to be coming around. Running the Pass Labs HPA-1 head phone amp.
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    Grandioso K1X - the two Esoteric "Revolutions" installed!

    I gave my K1 Mu metal ( shielding ) treatment on all 4 of the power transformers, along with a few other mods... Made a big improvement. Looks like the new K1x has the same 4 transformers , and no shielding...
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    quietest dishwasher for 2013

    I own a newer Bosch , In my case noise level can be a bit louder on how you arrange your dishes, wine glasses , cups.
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    Revelation audio Labs Umbilical Cables for Pass labs Xs pre and Xs powers

    What did you replace them with? Did you prefer them over the stock cable?
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    WARNING: PurePower Richard and Damian Janzen are frauds

    How did all turn out? Did they ever make it right? What did you do with your original PurePower 2000?
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    Air Force Zero PRICE

    They will also throw in a free " hot wax" kit for the first 10 buyers .

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