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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

    similar enjoyment as TA ref
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    Preferred aes/ebu 110 ohm digital cable you have tried

    If unlimited budget, Tara Labs Zero AES. I use Iconoclast , C/P is good with good performance.
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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

    My wife is happy with its performance . It’s bring more live to music.
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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

    I am not sure how Gen6 XL SC is, but I already voted with my wallet.
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    transparent Gen 5

    Very true. My wife order me to buy XL Speaker cable after listening many other speaker cables.
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    Rowland vs. Pass

    I brought XA60.8 brand new and used for 6 months, then I switch to JF725 and live happy with it. Upgrade to 725s2 once available, and even happier. 735 should be a good upgrade to me if price is not too much, as the input transformer is top class.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Best Buy is Vivaldi One + clock if you can still buy. It’s a bargain for its config. Don’t buy Vivaldi if you hv no plan to get all 4 pieces + 10Mz clock. It’s so addictive.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Vivaldi clock is essential. Extra 10MHz clock with 120dBc@1Hz or above is a must if u use Vivaldi. It’s the difference like listening digital or analog.
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    Reality is Cruel : Cybershaft new Ultimate OCXO 10M Clocks Shootout OP20 vs OP17

    Or you can try SS Ultra 2, a crazy guy here used and hv even better results than Ultra.
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    Reality is Cruel : Cybershaft new Ultimate OCXO 10M Clocks Shootout OP20 vs OP17

    congratulations ! Feed it with premium clock cable and place it with SS Ultra. You surely will get all the best out of it.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    There is only advantage of adding an high grade 10Mhz external clock. Any dCS user can confirm the advantage of the world clock. It sounds digital without the world clock, so to further improve it I tried to find a real high quality 10Mhz clock. I contacted Mutec and they are very kind and made...
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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    Using 24SX, but I tried FrontRow. FR is surely a step above , its more detail compare to 24SX. I will buy FR if add one more power conditioner.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Filter3, I think it depends on listening area too. Prefer DXD for CD to me other than DSD/DSDx2 Save money to buy transport , it’s the best piece of dCS.

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