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    Michael Fremer's home power-system story

    I don't think the question makes any sense. As long as the "bad" electricity is held constant the reviews are valid.
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    Interesting! I do not have an educated opinion on this subject. It is not my field.
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    +1 This is totally true! China allows Bitcoin: "Bullish for Bitcoin!" China bans Bitcoin: "Bullish for Bitcoin!" USA regulates Bitcoin: "Bullish for Bitcoin!" Federal Reserve supports Bitcoin: "Bullish for Bitcoin!" China permits Bitcoin mining: "Bullish for Bitcoin!" China bans...
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    I am not at all an incorrigible optimist. I actually am a glass is "half empty" kind of person. Jeff has observed how long it has taken us to get anything done, so he is assuming unforeseen delays will continue far into the future.
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    BTC to a new all-time high of US$66,999. I'm glad I just hold and not trade this particular asset. But BTC and its proxies likely are extremely overbought right now. If I were a trader, and not a holder, I would sell a quarter to a half here.
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    Dog TV

    Very interesting, Steve! If we ever get a TV we definitely will look into this for Lola!
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    New System Decisions

    That some people spend as much money on cables as they do on the rest of their system was merely a statement of fact. It is not something I would ever do myself or ever encourage people to do. I have no experience with Humboldt. KeithR loved the Gryphon Essence on Fyne F1-12s. I have not...
  8. Ron Resnick

    New System Decisions

    All of this is personal preference -- if you like Magico, I totally respect that. Why not explore some other brands or other types of loudspeakers? Some people spend as much money on cables as they spend on the rest of their systems.
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    Vinyl sleeves

    I used to use Mo-Fi sleeves. Soon I will use these recommeded by Jim Ford:
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    Thank you!
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    UFO plunges into the water while being tracked

    If ET life is waiting for humans to become worthy, then maybe the aliens are not as smart as we think they are?
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    In return for the transparency and openness do you lose any naturalness or richness or believability or "musicality" compared to the boron cantilever version? (I personally am skeptical about diamond cantilevers due to this concern.)
  13. Ron Resnick

    Vinyl sleeves

    I think this is the cover/sleeve system Jim Ford recently adopted.
  14. Ron Resnick

    best cost no object, cables

    I find this logic defective. I certainly agree that money does not buy sound quality, and I certainly agree that a system costing a fraction of what another system costs can sound more like live music than the latter system. But the subjective musical superiority of a less expensive system...

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