I come from a place and time in American history when there was a nearly universal drive to impress your friends with your taste in music (and all that entails). Back then one would invite acquaintances to come over to "listen to some records". This was always said casually as if it didn't mean anything and was just put out there in a manner like today you might say "if your ever in my neck of the woods drop in for a cup of coffee". However, such invites were anything but casual, for by doing so you were truly exposing yourself. You would be judged by what records you owned and offered to play for them and how many records you owned. Lastly, you would be judged by your music playback system. Quality there puts you in a different league altogether. I remember when the Haydon brothers moved out to California from New York. I and my older brother were invited over (see above). Now, back in 1969 my favourite record to impress people was the Doors. It was real heavy for the time and gained me much respect, but when we went to the Haydons' house, which, being up in the hills above the boulevard, was in a completely different socioeconomic class to ours, and to top that off, once in we were enveloped with Stan Getz playing smoothly on a lovely McIntosh valve system (which sounded far better than any stereo system any of my "below the boulevard" friends had. It has taken me a lifetime but I finally have a system that can easily put that of the Haydon's to shame. Like I said before, being invited to listen to one's records was anything but casual.
Feb 17, 1955 (Age: 67)
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Phasemation PP-2000, Phasemation T-2000 SUT's, Reed 5A pivoted tangential tracking tonearm, Classic Turntable company Reference Garrard 301 on Panzerholz plinth, Ypsilon VPS100 phono stage, Ayon Spitfire single ended class A triode amplifier, Auditorium-23 speaker cables into Thrax Lyra loudspeakers


Classic Turntable Reference, Reed 5A pivoted-tangential tonearm, Phasemation PP-2000 MC cartridge, Phasemation T-2000 step-up transformers, Ypsilon VPS100 phono stage, Ayon Spitfire single ended Class A triode integrated amplifier, Altec A7-500 loudspeakers.



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