Jun 20, 1980 (Age: 41)
The Place To List Your Gear
Server/Renderer: Antipodes CX/EX
SACD/DAC: Luxman D-10X
Integrated amp: Luxman 590AXII
Speakers: Aerial Acoustics 7T, 2 REL S5/SHO
Cables: Acoustic Zen Absolute, Clarus Crimson, AQ Hurricane, AQ diamond, Wywires Platinum


Monitor Audio PL500II, Townshend supertweeters
Audia Flight Strumento no.4 mk2,
Thrax Dionysos preamp
Esoteric K-01XD, Esoteric G-02X masterclock
Aurender N20
Fiber optic, SoTM SNH-10G > Etheregen > English electric 8 switch > Eno Ag
Nordost QKORE 3
Skogrand Tchaikovsky, Skogrand Wagner, Hijiri Million, Hemingway beta, Ansuz C2, Echole Omnia, Stage III Typhon, PAD Dominus diamond
Torus RM 20 power conditioner
IsoAcoustics GAIA, Townshend platform
Vicoustics, GIK acoustics, VTI
Secondary system: B&W 702 S2 with Naim Uniti atom



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