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    A Long Overdue Addition to Our Family: the Artesania Audio 3-level AV rack in black

    Thank you for the photo. I see there there was a preowned Apollo stand also offered here in the U.S. before for even less. Probably another vintage product as I don't think they make these anymore., certainly not at these prices. For people looking for racks, the anti-resonance function to...
  2. Philip O Hanlon

    A Long Overdue Addition to Our Family: the Artesania Audio 3-level AV rack in black

    You are kidding right ? Yes, they are both black and are both made of steel. Just as a VW Beetle and a Porsche 911 are both cars, both are available in black. Both would transport you to a petrol station. There are differences, however... The Artesania columns are filled with crushed marble...
  3. Philip O Hanlon

    A Long Overdue Addition to Our Family: the Artesania Audio 3-level AV rack in black

    We have been big fans of the Artesania Audio triple-suspension shelf-less rack systems and have been importing/distributing their Classic Line (the Exoteryc, Prestige, and the Mini’s) for many years. We were a little late to the party to incorporate their AV rack into our demo fleet as we felt...
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    Music Session with Steve Williams, the Bergmann New Modi Airbearing Turntable and our Artesania Isolation Tips and Tweaks

    Steve Williams from WBF dropped by to hear the new Bergmann Audio Modi turntable set up. We recruited Steve’s discerning ears to help further dial in the table and to conduct A/B tests to analyze the different tweaks we have in mind to add to the Modi’s performance, one experiment at a time...
  5. Philip O Hanlon

    Early Pre Launch First Listening Notes for Graham Audio's new Derek Hughes Signature Series, LS8/1 limited edition: 100

    Somehow, my first audition music notes for Graham Audio’s LS8/1 when the first pair arrived for my private audition were never shared. Looking back at these notes and comparing them with notes from the recent auditions that we held with quite a few audio friends who have stopped by to hear these...
  6. Philip O Hanlon

    On A Higher Note Update and Upgrades (Part I)

    Listening Room Face Lift It has been a crazy summer at On A Higher Note as we threw ourselves into an extensive renovation, updating both listening rooms and more. Although our larger listening room is still completely torn up, we took a quick snapshot of the current state of our smaller...
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    Egans Vintage / Single Grain Whiskey - a bargain !

    How right you are. We prefer the Egans Single Grain over the Method & Madness Single Grain @ $60 in California. Dan Meinwald (distributor for E.A.R. Townshend, Helius etc) told me that after I gave him a gift of the Egans Single Grain, he went out and bought a bottle of the Egans Single Malt -...
  8. Philip O Hanlon

    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    My only criticism of the DE-E1 was when we listened to solo piano. My mother was a piano teacher in Cork city, Ireland who retired from the Cork School of Music at the ages of 65, 75 & finally 85. As you can imagine, during my youth, I spent countless hours listening to solo piano, played at...
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    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    I visited Danny Kaey last week and he has the entry level DS Audio cartridge & phono stage. Danny has a Galder with two Odin tonearms. The EMM Labs optical phono stage he should receive any day and he also ordered a better DS optical cartridge. I plan on visiting Danny next week and recording...
  10. Philip O Hanlon

    Egans Vintage / Single Grain Whiskey - a bargain !

    BTW, we recently compared the Egans Single Vintage (Single Grain) $30 to the Method & Madness Single Grain $60. Pandora preferred the Egans to the M&M, though I did not concur with her conclusion. Clearly, fine whiskey is no different from fine audio gear; you pay your $$ and make your choice...
  11. Philip O Hanlon

    NEW - Irish Super Premium Whiskey

    They are both wonderful whiskies; something serious to look forward to. Have not cracked open the Red Breast 27 yet. Nor have I opened the Midleton An Dair Ghaelach yet. Fun times in store for both of us. Slainte. (cheers in Gaelic) Philip
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    What's Your Favorite Single Malt Scotch

    wonderful anecdote & actually true. I am also married to an H K lady .... Didn't the rumour about cognac as an aphrodisiac.
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    Calling Audiophiles & Music Lovers ....

    First off, a big shout out to Steve for inviting me over to his home & enjoying a wonderful music session together. I have missed our music sessions. As the vaccine is rolled out across a wider swath of the population, I expect my friends will be more forthcoming about attending our music...
  14. Philip O Hanlon

    Calling Audiophiles & Music Lovers ....

    Which version of Boom, boom. boom, boom; he seems to have recorded it many times. Thanks

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