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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    Hello Caesar, The approach you advocate seems to be what our member Bonzo is doing. He will someday realize his quest and perhaps post a system video of his results. I think you misunderstand my approach to the hobby. I have learned what interests me about the hobby through experience...
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    AirTight Opus1 and Lyra Atlas SL, a direct comparison

    Tang, the original comparison was made in Madfloyd’s system, not mine. These are his cartridges though he now has the Atlas Lambda.
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    Looking For The Perfect Listening Chair

    I think a center seam is worse on the back than on the bottom, but I don't know. There is just something odd to me about sitting in the center of a two cushion sofa, so yes, it would bother me. I can't be sure about the lack of comfort though. It was fine for a few minutes in the showrooms...
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    Looking For The Perfect Listening Chair

    I just ordered this 74" dark brown leather three seat sofa for our listening room/living room. The challenge was to find a fairly small sofa that has three seats/cushions so that when I am listening alone, I am not sitting on a center seam. Most sofas this size have only two seats/cushions and...
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    Trans Fi Salvation rim drive tt and Terminator air-bearing linear tracking arm

    Thank you Marc. That is more or less what I suspected. Overdampening can kill the sound. I’m glad you stuck with it and found the right balance.
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    Rafe Arnott’s Resistor Mag - a bit of fresh air in audio journalism.

    Another classic post from Sound of Tao. I will be interested in watching whether or not the next generation of audiophiles becomes more interested in the advantages of experimenting with set up and how it can dramatically affect the sound of one’s audio system or whether they will chase gear...
  7. PeterA

    Trans Fi Salvation rim drive tt and Terminator air-bearing linear tracking arm

    That’s a nice post Marc. I’m curious how you knew too much isodamp was too much in the pod for the motor. Can you describe the sound when you went from no isodamp to 100% isodamp and then down to 25% isodamp? And how did you adhere it to the inside of the motor pod?
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Fransisco, I am not here to disagree with you. I am simply interested in learning through discussion. I realize that it is easier to refer people to other people's books, but this conversation is in the here and now, presently. Reading your reference books will take some effort and can be...
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Francisco, if you understand what MF means by “blacker backgrounds”, could you just paraphrase it for us here and now? It is not clear to me and I’m not sure I want to go and read all of the references to try to decipher its meaning. If you think it means “A lot more perceived information”...
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Yes Marc, but that is just me. Others use the term and seem to find it useful. This thread is about the SAT turntable and MF's recent review. He used the term in the review and I am simply wish I understood what he means when using it: is it good or bad, what causes it, and how does it...
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    SME Model 6 Review

    Here is a link to a review of this new turntable:
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Nice post lordcloud, and thank you for starting the thread and keeping us informed about this new turntable. I do not think there is any problem with referencing other equipment. That is part of a comparative review, as MF does here. I think most audiophiles want to know how one piece of gear...
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Ack, I am sorry that you are angered by my post. What in particular do you not like? I welcome the sharing of different opinions on a discussion forum such as WBF. Healthy debate and the sharing of ideas, as long as they are civil and both sides are listening, is how we learn from each other...
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Hello Tim, I agree that Fremer focuses on audiophile effects in his reviews. He also tends to refer to other gear instead of to live music and the way real instruments sound. I suspect he and other reviewers are conflicted. The readers ask for comparisons, and this often leads to a discussion...
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    New Direct-to-Disc-Project: Smetana Ma Vlast

    I hope you still do, Steve. I received mine about a month ago but I haven’t opened it or cleaned it yet. Same with the Bruckner 7th.

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