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    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    Miniguy, Are you using the matching Harmonix CombaK mat?
  2. pcosta

    SUT for Ypsilon VPS-100

    The match of the SUT is with the cart, if you have that right all else should be good. I have the Kondo SFz with IO M and the Ypsilon and I hear no problems, the Ypsilon will tell you what is ahead in the chain. I have tried and used many other SUT's with the Ypsilon and never had any...
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    GrooveMaster II Tonearms

    What platform is under the Melco and motor?
  4. pcosta

    Lee Morgan 45's evening ---sweet music! for this Canadian jazz listener. I was also a little stunned to see such a low number, and didn't realize they were limited until a friend said he couldn't get one after his pre-order from a on-line vender that had a price that was to good to be true.
  5. pcosta

    Lee Morgan 45's evening ---sweet music!

    I got mine last week.
  6. pcosta

    Sme 3012 R

    Perhaps the internal wires are twisted to tight creating that pull you describe. I have encountered that myself and carefully removed the shielding can where the rca's are and untwisted or twisted the wire assembly so that the arm does not drift in or out when balancing. I hope this all makes...
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    New Garrard Build

    Since that other SUT belongs to a friend, I gave it back. I have been using the built-in EMT 139stb phono in the 927 and just leave well enough alone, I don't feel as I am missing anything.
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    New Garrard Build

    I believe you're right about the 12x being the better ratio for the TSD, but... I borrowed a step-up from a friend and tried out the 40 ohm tap and it was pretty much the same as what I was using in the Jensen at 1:10. The step-up I borrowed was a vintage The Head from Tim de Paravinci. It...
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    New Garrard Build

    Big boy 927. Physically it was in good shape when I got it a couple of years ago, but I did send it to Dusch in Germany for a tune up. I really don't miss any of the tables I used to own. This thing has a quality with the way it presents music and sound that makes all others sound so anemic.
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    New Garrard Build

    I have been using the Jensens with my phono stage and with the EMT TSD 15 cart and find them to compare favorably with some that were much more expensive. I have a Jensen MC-2RR-L and the JT-346-AX on the 1:12 tap. I would like to try the JT-347-AXT on the 1:24 tap with my EMT. Odd thing is...
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    New Garrard Build

    What step-up are you getting?
  12. pcosta

    Natural Sound

    That's just plain old good advice.
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    Thin leather mat suggestion

    47 Labs has a thin mat.
  14. pcosta

    Natural Sound

    It's nice to be motived in a good way
  15. pcosta

    Natural Sound

    I see power tools there. Are you doing some stainless polishing? The stainless platforms under your Micro Seiki look fantastic.

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