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    LampizatOr Baltic 3

    I have ordered a new Lampizator Baltic 3 Dac for my Lampizator promotion & demonstrations at Parmenter Sound in New Zealand. I am really looking forward to having the new Baltic 3 DAC here in my studio system. I have ordered the copper top option with silver faceplate, love the look of the...
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    Wyetech Labs Ruby Std tube preamp - any views?

    I am using the Wyetech Labs Ruby Std valve preamplifier in one of my sound systems here and really like this vacuum tube line stage. Love the retro look and build. The case could have more ventilation and the volume control has quite large volume gain steps in my system using the PBN Audio M1.5...
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    Do You Still Play Compact Discs?

    Yes I still play Cds in my music studio all the time and have just bought the Esoteric K-01XD Black edition CD/SACD player.
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    Stepping up in Pass Labs Amp series - aka 600.8 vs 200.8

    kmyl I think if you are finding the sound a bit lifeless & not to your liking I would change your loudspeakers first to a design that delivers the tone and sound that you like best. If you get a speaker that is more sensitive and very easy to drive then dynamics are more effortless and you can...
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    Natural Sound

    Congratulations Peter on moving to horn speakers from your Magico book shelf speakers. I can fully understand what you will be experiencing now in your music playback. I embraced horn speakers back in 1998 and have always used them for my reference main speaker sound systems since then. I still...
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    Xs preamp

    Pass Labs XS Preamplifier I have not detected any sound differences in changing our Reference Pass Labs XS preamplifier power supply cords in different directions. I hope our power supply company ran the 50 miles of power line in the right direction to our music studio. ;)
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    EMM Labs Pre2 Reference Preamplifier

    Cascals if you really like the sonic qualities of the ARC Ref SSE matched with the Dartzeel why do you want to change. Preamplifiers in my opinion are the Soul of your audio system and thus provide the tonal dynamic signal being sent to your power amplifier, it comes down to your personal...
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    EMM Labs Pre2 Reference Preamplifier

    I am using the EMM Labs Pre-2 now with the Pass Labs X350.8 stereo amplifier & Rockport Technologies Atria loudspeakers, this is a wonderful sounding combination. The EMM Labs Pre-2 matches with the Pass X350.8 amplifier really well. In my music studio I will be matching the Pass Labs XS...
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    Xs preamp

    Congratulations Rockitman on your new Pass Labs XS preamplifier, the Pass XS preamplifier layout and design are incredible.
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    EMM Labs Pre2 Reference Preamplifier

    Emm Labs Pre-2 Hi I use 2 high end preamplifiers with the EMM Labs XDS1 CD/SACD player for my audio demonstrations in our music room. Firstly the Lamm LL2.1 deluxe all valve preamplifier and the EMM Labs Pre-2, both provide wonderful sound matched with the Pass Labs X350.8 stereo amplifier...
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    Pass Labs .8 Series!

    Rockport Cygnus Hi LL21 Yes I do but I will wait until the Andy releases the new Rockport loudspeaker this year, but I will say it looks like a wonderful design and I am sure will sound incredible. Thanks Jason.
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    Pass Labs .8 Series!

    Pass Labs XA160.8 & Osborn Grand monuments Thanks LL21 for the Osborn loudspeaker information and the link.
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    Pass Labs .8 Series!

    Hi rbbert Yes you are correct they are the Pass Labs XA160.8 mono blocks powering my Osborn Grand Monument loudspeakers. I have just taken a picture of my Pass Labs X350.8 stereo amplifier matched with the Rockport Technologies Atria loudspeakers, I am using the Lamm Industries LL2.1 deluxe...
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    Pass Labs .8 Series!

    Pass Labs amplifier Congratulations on your new Pass Labs X350.5 amplifier. I have the new Pass Labs X350.8 amplifier running my Rockport Technologies Atria loudspeakers and it is a wonderful combination. Personally I would not think about changing to the Classe or Bryston from a Pass Labs...
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    EMM Labs XDS1

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