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    Do you share your system with other audiophiles?

    There are 4 of us in my local area that round robin to each others houses at least once every 6 to 8 weeks. It helps us keep from being system blind and realizing where we might need improvement. The big plus is we get to hear recordings we don't own! We are also very good friends so the...
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    Hello from ABQ

    Over the last 50+ years I created several different types of systems, the main ones consisted of Maggies with Threshold electronics and Apogee with Krell electronics. This system is the most satisfying I've ever had. Warm, smooth but, with dynamics, detail and punch throughout the range. I will...
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    Hello from ABQ

    Here is a close up of the Millennia.
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    Hello from ABQ

    Albuquerque NM
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    Hello from ABQ

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! :)
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    Hello from ABQ

    Thank you! I do like my Omega and Rolex watches but, find I'm using my Apple watch more these days. I'm a former Apple Systems Engineer. I also like driving my Z06 corvette. :)
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    B&W 800D quality

    I have B&W 801Ds that were produced in the last year of 801 production, I believe 2010, and have had no issues with the tweeters.
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    B&W Loudspeakers - Tribute to John Bowers

    I've been through many speakers from my first pair of AR's through Maggie's, Apogee's and currently a pair of B&W 801Ds.
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    Hello from ABQ

    I've been involved in audio since the late 50s and I've been a member of this forum since 2014 but, only made my first post this morning (I guess I'm getting slow in my old age). Here is a picture of my system as it is currently configured.
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    I recently moved from a Ref 75 to a Ref 150. The tonal signature remained everything I liked with more bass extention and hit. I love the fact that the sweetness of a violin remained while adding a whole level to the bottom end.

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