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    Post your female vocal videos

    Thanks Mike.... it was recorded with my iPhone.
  2. Ovenmitt

    Favorite TV shows thread

    Has anyone tuned into the HBO series "Industry"? It took me a couple of episodes to warm up but found myself binge watching it over the holidays. Pretty good stuff with a great final episode. "How To with John Wilson" is also pretty good. It's quirky and I suppose you need to bring a certain...
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    Looking for 845 Amplifier advice / ideas

    For me in my system and room -always a caveat - I very much enjoy my Nagra VPA’s. I do however think that a lot of their magic comes from pairing them with a Nagra pre-amp ( I listened with both Classic and HD). I had tried these amps long ago in conjunction with my Aesthetix Callisto and wasn’t...
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    Technics SP-10 MKII

    I have an SP10 Mk.3 that's mounted in a constrained layer plinth, made from panzerholtz, aluminum, and hardwood. The tonearm that I'm using is a Reed 3P.... All to say, similar but not the same as what you have going. I agree with Erik that one of his Sensitive Sound cartridges might be a very...
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    Avantgarde Horn Speakers

    Beautiful set-up. I'd be interested in hearing more about your experiences with your Trio's and also about your amplification. More specifically, I wonder what model subs you have in your picture and if you have experience with other subwoofers/bass cabinets?
  6. Ovenmitt

    SME 3012R and new Kuzma in the house

    The SME you have there is a 3012 series 1. It’s very rare and IMHO, exceptional. I have both 3012 series 1 and R on my Garrard at the moment.
  7. Ovenmitt

    Echole - a cable chronicle

    Very nice post for such a quiet person;)..... I’ve had very good experiences with Echole products and agree that Kerem is very much a gentleman. The only advice I can offer is to Check your gold card before you try the power cables.... they might be even more addictive.
  8. Ovenmitt

    Nagra HD Amps

    Congratulations Pol. The Nagra stuff is certainly something special. My prediction is that you will grow to appreciate them even more as time goes forward. I do also think there is a special synergy between the amps (I have VPA’s) and pre-amp. Good catch on the balancing transformers John. I...
  9. Ovenmitt

    Avantgarde Horn Speakers

    This very much matches my experience too - both in my old (smaller) room and my larger room. In fact, I wonder if a lot of the issues people have when auditioning Duo’s is from the sub cross over being set too high - looking at you Ked :p.... As I mentioned earlier, when I augmented my Duo’s...
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    Avantgarde Horn Speakers

    Hi Peter, Yes, the Art Audio PX25 is a fantastic little amp. Over the years, I've been able to source a few different pairs of NOS PX25, and 274B rectifier tubes, which made a huge difference. When I moved into a larger room, I realized that I needed a more powerful amp. As nice as the AA is...
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    Avantgarde Horn Speakers

    Thank you for the thoughtful and (very) informative response @Hear Here .... I really appreciate the points you make. I do have pre Omega Duo's. Mine are a strange-dish model called 2.3. They have all Cardas internal wire, PC's, and jumpers (replaced w/Shunyata Aurora) and Cardas binding posts...
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    (ERC Re-issue) Bach & Mozart Violin Concertos - Played by Gioconda De Vito

    Wow... Interesting. I have a handful of ERC's records (not the Sonny Rollins title here) and they are all stellar. I don't have the original pressing to compare any of them to sonically, but I have never experienced anything other than a beautifully pressed extremely well presented product.
  13. Ovenmitt

    Avantgarde Horn Speakers

    This is very interesting to hear - Hear hear ;) .... I have been wanting and hoping to replace my older Duo's with newer Trio's (preferred) or Duo Mezzo for some time - just looking for the right deal on a used pair. From what I think I'm hearing you say, you don't find the gap from old to new...
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    The ultimate Reiner/CSO Scheherazade in analog

    I have the Classic Records 33 and have really loved that one over the years. To my horror I played it a few weeks ago and side two has a horrible scratch on it - how does this stuff happen?!?! :eek: So, I bought the new AP 33 and also the 45rpm versions. Both of these are really good. I agree...

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