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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    Mike we could probably crowd fund a couple lava lamps for you.
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    Hello from Seattle

    Agreed.... I was mainly referring to the 6 watts that my Art Audio amps put out. The Aurora should shake the house.
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    Hello from Seattle

    We Welcome Anil, I love your speakers! I've been on the lookout for a nice gently used pair of Trio XD's for a long time. It looks like you've lucked out. I've been offline for a few days so I'm glad Tang hooked me into this thread. I'm real interested in following along with how things...
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    Albums You Always Listen To Front To Back?

    @ptman, I’m totally wit you on the Beatles records. I’d probably throw the White Album, and Rubber Soul in there too; even though they weren’t “conceptualized as such.... Ironically, I find myself in the same frame of mind when I’m listening to many of the great classical symphonic works - go...
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Good question. I was wondering that too.... most of what I am recording is at my normal listening levels. I just go with what sounds good to my ears for that particular cut. Some of the rock drum tracks I was listening to were turned up pretty loud on this end.... I mean, it’s rock and roll...
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    Which combination of phonostage - turntable fits best? Gallery AS Phono Club.

    Garrard 301, SP10 mk3, EMT JPA66...
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Hi Tang, Thank you (as always) for the kind words... When my wife and I bought our current home in 2013, I started Building the studio listening room that you see/hear in the videos. The studio is separate from the main house. I’ve Only owned the Avantgarde Duo’s since we’ve been here so no...
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

  9. Ovenmitt

    Rock and Drum videos thread

    I can't believe no one has posted this one yet...
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    What nice wines did you taste this weekend?

    A good weekend this...
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    Post your female vocal videos

    Thank you for the compliments Tang... Yes, that’s the EMT, with Mazda’s. I’m still amazed by that phono stage. I kind of went out on a limb when I bought it; having never heard it. Thanks again for your advice with it.
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    Zero Distortion: Leif's System with TAD 4003 based dual FLH

    Great advice Ked.... thanks!
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    Post your female vocal videos

    On that cut it‘s my Garrard, SME, SPU.
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    Zero Distortion: Leif's System with TAD 4003 based dual FLH

    This is a really interesting thread to read through.... Leif, your speakers sound fantastic! I'd love to build my own horn speakers but hardly know where to start. Aside from the book that was mentioned earlier can anyone recommend some places where I could go to learn more?
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    Post your female vocal videos

    Damn Tang! That is just killing it. What record is that? I must own it, lol! I'm very curious to know who is in her band on that too... Just fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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