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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    I heard CE-1 in Munich 2017 and the marvellous setup there was the reason for me to buy TAD - it was a big room and no problem for the CE-1s
  2. olivier

    best cost no object, cables

    haha glad to hear this i think the teflon insulation helps as dielectricum with the braided design :cool:
  3. olivier

    best cost no object, cables

    I just wanted to test both and my experience is that the braided design is a bit more forward, engaging. I think this is because of the lower inductance. Resolution is good with both designs. And all solid core designs are more precise than any stranded designs i tested before, i tested copper...
  4. olivier

    best cost no object, cables

    I don´t know but don´t think so
  5. olivier

    best cost no object, cables

    Hi Agent86, i do have both. SOCT-14 using 2 per pole and SOCT-18 using 4. I braided them now and flattened the ends a bit with a hammer. The picture shows the 18. I don´t use termination. From time to time i use a very fine sandpaper to clear the contacts. In comparison they are very similar...
  6. olivier

    Preamp choice

    My suggestion would be Acoustic Arts Reference Preamp II. Very dynamic, huge soundstage, silky mids and tight bass. Very low output impedance.There is a new version coming up but i only do have the MK II in my system...
  7. olivier

    Seeking an R2R DAC recommendation for a tube preamp and tube amp system

    I recommend ANK 5.1 Signature - very natural sounding DAC with great bass control
  8. olivier

    Looking for 845 Amplifier advice / ideas

    i suggest New Audio Frontiers 845 SE with ACME 845, Valvo 7044 Green Label and Psvane 12AX7-T-MII/2 very musical, transparent and magic sound with a great soundstage if paired with the right speaker with these tubes the 845 are almost as fast as atma-spheres
  9. olivier

    best cost no object, cables

    Having tested pure silver, copper, expensive, cheap cables i ended up in using 16 Neotech 18 AWG solid core pure copper NEOTECH SOCT-14 without termination as speaker cable. This is the most resolving, dynamic and realistic sound. 8 per side, 4 per pole. All cables must have a certain distance...
  10. olivier

    Power Conditioner Power Cable

    Sure this is correct, i was talking about active regenerators not passive conditioners like DC Filter And i also know that a good distributor is really important if you use a passive one and then you also need a good cable from wall to distributor
  11. olivier

    Power Conditioner Power Cable

    I don´t know where you did get your information from but i tested severeal cables (shielded, unshielded, solid-core, stranded, expensive, budget, diy, different gauges) from outlet to the PS Audio P10 and the differences were marginal but when i did the same thing from P10 to Preamp/DAC the...
  12. olivier

    Power Conditioner Power Cable

    Well i have tried different cables and this is the result in my system...perhaps in another setup it is different, i don´t know I don´t have power amps connected, only preamp and source. But i also think that this result is quite logical as the P10 regenerates power and the clean power must...
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    Atmas M-60 with ZU Druid VI

    Both my NAF 845 SE and the M-60 work well with the Druid VI. But the M-60 have more speed, better bass response and a bit more resolution and that´s exactly what i like!
  14. olivier

    Atmas M-60 with ZU Druid VI

    Yes you are right, the higher the load the higher the power. But every speaker does have a certain impedance curve and the flatter the better. But this is the case with any tube amp
  15. olivier

    Atmas M-60 with ZU Druid VI

    well what i can do is make a picture of my Nokia E52 but i don´t think you want to see/hear a video from it a friend of mine always says i am a "future denier" regarding mobiles

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