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    AppleTV X - I am playing with something new

    So, when Xymox told me there was going to be another upgrade, that might even be bigger than the first iteration , in terms of PQ and SQ, I didn't call him a bald-faced liar to his face, but the thought crossed my mind. Indeed, the original appletvx had so far surpassed my expectations, that I...
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    AppleTV X - I am playing with something new

    the Fatter: So about the audio. My Apple TV, Sony blu-ray, and Comcast box all feed my Sony master series TV via HDMI cables - none of them anything special. Everything is then fed out via a single glass optical cable into an Esoteric K-03x DAC/CD/SACD player. the Esoteric is splendid (in my...
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    AppleTV X - I am playing with something new

    the Fat: I will try to be succinct, but there is a lot to say. Firstly, I bought the appleX attempting to better sound quality from my Apple Music app. I really like the easy interface at apple and feel their quality would be up to par, were it not for the guts in the apple box itself. I...
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    AppleTV X - I am playing with something new

    The skinny: Ever bought an upgrade that made you want to go back and listen to every song you'd ever heard and re-see every video and/or show, understanding , maybe for the first time just how much you'd missed. This is that. "Fat" to follow -a detailed review

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